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New Products
Fractal Design Poser 2
Son of Poser

You no longer have to leave your Fractal Design Poser creations shivering naked. Fractal Design Poser 2 lets you clothe those facial and body images created with the original Poser. The 3-D modeling and rendering application adds animation, new characters, the ability to include props, and powerful import/export capabilities. View your figures au naturele, casually clothed or in business wear. You can even replace body parts with imported 3-D objects, transforming human models into any "being" you desire. You can save rendered 2-D scenes in TIFF and BMP formats. Poser 2's enhanced export capabilities let you save 3-D images.

$249; upgrade, $69

Fractal Design Corp.

800-846-0111, 408-688-5300

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(From Windows Magazine, January 1997, page 88.)