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I totally agree with Mike Elgan's take on the Y2K problem (The Explorer, October). I'm the sole tech for a nonprofit organization, and right about now I feel like I'm in the audience of a B horror film-you know, the one where the character just has to go through that closed door in the basement while the melodramatic music swells. I keep yelling not to go, and that character keeps heading for the door anyway.

I've asked both of our well-paid consultants if they felt it was too early for me to work on Y2K solutions. Both told me I have nothing to worry about, because the software vendors have taken care of the problem. But unless my vendors tell me otherwise, I almost have to assume that my out-of-box apps are going to go boom. I wish I had been administrating longer than six months; maybe I could get people to take me and this issue more seriously.

Joe Robinson

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In Mike Elgan's article on the year 2000, he left out some things I have learned while doing some Y2K work of my own. First, people need to be aware that more than software may be affected; it is necessary to examine your hardware as well. Second, I have heard about a lawyers' conference on Y2K opportunities; they estimate that they will make somewhere in the neighborhood of $1 trillion off this crisis. If there are any large companies out there who have not yet started on this issue, time is running out.

Joshua Seckel

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I was one of a team of four programmers who recently made our software 2000-ready. The project, which was part of a regular annual upgrade, was relatively painless and only took about a month. By taking care of this now, instead of waiting until the last minute, we can reassure our current and future clients that they will not have any Y2K trouble with our programs. Any developer who is not contemplating such a change is negligent.

Steve Mount

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(From Windows Magazine, January 1997, page 46.)