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Caught in the NT net

One of the main issues John Ruley missed in his discussion of NT 4.0 ("The New NT," September)-and the main reason I believe Windows NT is not ready for everyday users-is the cost of supporting it. Have you ever tried to contact Microsoft for technical support about Windows NT? Microsoft says that they offer plenty of online support, but what good is that if my system is down? A product is only as good as the support it gets, and unless Microsoft provides a better technical support option for everyday users of NT, it won't obtain the market share either Windows 95 or OS/2 has among mainstream users.

Jorge Martinez

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I installed NT 4.0 with a dual boot configuration back to Win95 about a week and a half ago, and I am already hooked. Unless I have to be in Win95 for scanner support and fax services, I use NT. The biggest reason is the performance advantage. My apps are almost exclusively 32-bit, and things definitely run faster under NT than on Win95 for me.

Todd Montgomery

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(From Windows Magazine, January 1997, page 46.)