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Enterprise Windows
CA and Cheyenne Chart NT Strategy

-- by Joseph C. Panettieri

If you're seeking integrated systems-and-storage management software for Windows NT, one combination you can't ignore is Computer Associates (CA) and Cheyenne Software. CA last year moved to acquire Cheyenne for $1.2 billion-one of the largest such deals in the history of the software industry.

CA makes CA-Unicenter, a highly regarded enterprise management package available for almost every platform, including Windows NT Server. CA-Unicenter offers tools for managing security, storage, workload balancing, help-desk trouble tickets and job flow. Cheyenne, meanwhile, is known for its family of ARCserve backup products for NT, NetWare and UNIX networks. Cheyenne also specializes in network fax software (FAXserve) and anti-virus software (InocuLAN) for NT and NetWare.

The $3.5 billion CA, which competes with IBM's Tivoli unit (http://www.tivoli.com), is striving to integrate ARCserve into CA-Unicenter. The resulting product, CA promises, will let CA-Unicenter users back up online applications from the CA-Unicenter console. Administrators will also be able to manage and set policies for data objects used by client/server applications across the enterprise. Marc Sokol, CA's vice president of advanced technology, asserts that "Adding [Cheyenne's] best-of-breed storage management to Unicenter is a wonderful, wonderful synergy. In fact, we've been shipping ARCserve with Unicenter on a number of platforms for more than two years."

The CA/Cheyenne combination could give Cheyenne a leg up against NT backup competitors Seagate and Legato, since CA is an established enterprise player and closely aligned with Microsoft. For further details on CA's Windows NT strategy, visit WinMag's Web site (http://www.winmag.com/ew/caq&a.htm)

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(From Windows Magazine, January 1997, page 252.)