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2,001 Tips
The Web
Sites for Sore Eyes

Check out these Web sites when you're looking for tips on Web site design, building and maintenance.

The Art of HTML http://loki.stockton.edu/~stk3104/html/ html.html This page is chock full of information on the best way to build and maintain a Web page.

The Bandwidth Conservation Society http://www.infohiway.com/way/faster Web developers offer tips for optimizing performance, even with slow connections.

Creating web graphics http://www.widearea.co.uk/designer/ Tips on the mechanical process of making graphics for the Web abound at this site, including notes on optimizing Photoshop for creating Web images.

Cut-N-Paste JavaScript http://www.infohiway.com/javascript/ You'll find hundreds of small applets for your Web page, plus tips on using them properly. You'll need a JavaScript-capable browser to view it.

D.J. Quad's Ultimate HTML Site http://www.quadzilla.com This one-stop Web design site includes links to the best HTML programming sites plus lots of unique tips, tricks and applets.

The Graphics File Formats Page http://www.dcs.ed.ac.uk/~mxt/gfx/ Here's all you'll ever need to know about graphics file formats, and then some. You'll also find viewers and converters for many different formats.

Guide to Web Style http://www.sun.com/styleguide/ Sun Microsystems' definitive guide to what makes a Web site work details everything from Web security to good design. The pages here are easy to navigate and understand, low bandwidth-friendly and easy on the eye.

How Do They Do That with HTML? http://www.nashville.net/~carl/htmlguide/index.html Learn how expert Web site developers come up with some of their most dazzling special effects. Topics include HTTP cookies, server pushes and hidden logos.

HTML Help http://marduk.obscure.org/~jaws/htmlhelp.html This massive collection of sites contains links to HTML guides, information, viewers, Usenet newsgroups, graphic libraries, Perl, Java and CGI code samples and tools.

The HTML Writers Guild http://www.hwg.org The HWG has more than 20,000 members, most of whom design Web pages professionally. This site includes online newsletters and resources specific to power Web publishing.

Newsgroups comp.infosystems.www.authoring.html and comp.infosystems.www.authoring.misc -- These Usenet newsgroups deal with the ins and outs of advanced Web authoring.

Pure CGI Scripts http://www.netlink.co.uk/users/PureAmiga/pcgi/index.html This site is a great place to find that CGI guestbook, mailing list manager or visitor counter you've been looking for.

The Tao of HTML http://www.taoh.com/ Everyone from rank beginners to consummate Web artists will find tips, tutorials and toys at this informative site.

TUCOWS http://www.tucows.com The Ultimate Collection Of Winsock Software just gets better and better. Find browser add-ons, HTML editors, plug-ins, extensions and more.

The Web Designer http://www.canlink.com/Webdesign/ Elements of good Web design are categorized into sensible groups of links on this page.

The Web Design Group http://www.htmlhelp.com/ This site was founded on the premise that a Web site can be truly cross-browser-compatible and innovative.

The Web Developer's Virtual Library http://www.stars.com Here's a good selection of resources to help you use Java, VRML and other extra Web touches.

WWW & HTML Developer's JumpStation http://oneworld.wa.com/htmldev/devpage/dev-page.html Get the skinny on what's happening with HTML standards and freeware editors and utilities.

Yahoo's HTML Validation/Checkers http://www.yahoo.com Almost 20 different tools will verify your page's spelling, link integrity and syntax-and even tell you whether it conforms to a particular Internet standard.

WEB WONK http://www.dsiegel.com/tips/ A professional type designer offers some valuable input on how to make a page look better, including the single-pixel GIF trick copied Web-wide.

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