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2,001 Tips
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Symantec Café

Just-In-Time for Java

You can boost Java applet performance in Café by turning on the Just-In-Time (JIT) compiler. Select View/Options/Advanced and click on Enable JIT Compiler.

See It All

When you use the Hierarchy editor, you normally see only the classes in your project. If you'd like to see the AWT classes in addition to your own, choose Project/Settings. Click on the Target tab in the subsequent dialog box, then check the box marked Parse System Files. Now select Parse All from the Parse menu of your project window.

Disable JIT Compiler

To disable the Just-In-Time Compiler, open SC.INI for editing and add the following entry to the [Environment] section: JAVA_COMPCMD=DISABLE. To enable it, change DISABLE to ENABLE.

Java to Go

If your application uses a graphical user interface and you'd like to start it without the console window appearing, go to a DOS prompt and enter javaw instead of java.

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