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2,001 Tips
The Web


Bye-Bye Java

To lock out Java applets in Navigator, pull down the Options menu, select Security Preferences and click on the boxes marked Disable JavaScript and Disable Java. To lock them out in Internet Explorer, turn off the check box entitled Enable Java programs at View/Options/Security.

Dynamic GIFs

In Navigator, use JavaScript's document.images(n).src function to display images sequentially without reloading the document. For more on dynamic imaging and other Java tidbits, check out the Java tutorials at http://www.webreference.com/javascript/.

Grab a Cup of Joe at the Gamelan Café

Check out Gamelan (http://www.gamelan.com/index.shtml), one of the most comprehensive Java info-repositories on the Web. You'll find ready-to-use applets, sample code, tips, tutorials and Java news.

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