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2,001 Tips
The Web

HOTMetal Pro 3.0

Make Your Characters Special

In HoTMetaL Pro, special characters are inserted using the Special Characters command. Others can be inserted by holding the Alt key and entering a number on the numeric keypad.

View Source Code

You can launch HoTMetaL PRO automatically when you select View Document Source in Netscape Navigator. Under Netscape's Options menu, choose General Preferences/Apps. At the View Source input line, use the Browse button to locate your copy of HoTMetaL PRO.

Filling Cells

When you want an empty table cell to seem filled, put a nonbreaking space inside that cell. It's a special character that you insert by holding down the Alt key, then typing 0160 on the numeric keypad.

Scalable Graphic Rules

You can use graphics instead of horizontal rules in pages created with HoTMetaL PRO, and still have them resize dynamically. The program will insert a value in pixels for the height and width attributes of an inline image. If you change the IMG tag so that the width attribute equals 100 percent, the image will stretch horizontally as the browser is resized.

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