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2,001 Tips
The Web

FrontPage 1.1

Raise the Bar

It's easy to customize horizontal rules into something more than a two-point bar. Right-click on the line and choose Properties, then change the properties of your rule.

Do-It-Yourself Templates

Build your own corporate-standard Web templates by choosing File/Save As, specifying a URL and deleting the HTM extension. Click on the As Template button and enter a description. Now, whenever you create a new page, the new template will appear as an option.

Why Re-Create the Wheel?

Incorporate ideas from other sites into your own Web pages. In FrontPage Editor, select File/Open Location. Type in the URL of the page you admire. When the page comes up, choose Save and the page, with all included graphics, will be saved for you.

Maintain a High Degree of Integrity

To check and correct hyperlinks, open the Tools menu and choose Follow Link, or click on the link while holding down the Ctrl key. This even works for image maps.

Drag-and-Build Links

Split the screen between FrontPage Explorer and the Outline, Link or Summary views, then select a document in the view. Drag this document onto the desired location in FrontPage Editor and it will automatically become a hyperlink.

Borderless Frames

You can add extra control to formatting using borderless tables. Right-click on any table, choose Properties and set the Border Size parameter to 0.

Using Nonstandard HTML

Want to use HTML code that's normally unrecognized by FrontPage? Use the Extended option. In FrontPage Editor, right-click on the screen element, choose Properties and click on Extended. Then type in the attributes you wish for the element.

Add Code-Level Editor

To add a code-level editor, go to FrontPage Explorer and choose Tools/Configure Editors. Enter the location of your code editor. When you load pages into FrontPage Explorer, you can right-click on the page and open it with your editor.

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