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2,001 Tips

Microsoft PowerPoint 95

On with the Show

Save your file with the PPS file extension and you will launch directly into Slide Show the next time you double-click on your file. Alternatively, launch a file into Slide Show from the Windows 95 shell by right-mouse clicking on the PowerPoint file and selecting Show from the shortcut menu.

Never Touch the Mouse

You can create a new slide and move from the title area to the body area with keyboard commands. To create a new slide, hold the Ctrl key while hitting Enter in Slide view. Start typing to automatically enter Title text. Then hit Ctrl+Enter again to move to the bullet area, and so on. When you've finished with the last placeholder on the slide, Ctrl+Enter will create a new slide for you.

One Step Forward, One Back

If you've created a slide and made formatting changes to the layout but want to revert to the original PowerPoint formatting from the master layout, select the Slide Layout button on the lower right of your screen, select the slide layout of your slide, and click on Reapply.

Back to My Former Size

If you resize an object and distort it by accident, you can restore the original size by pressing the Ctrl key and double-clicking on a resize handle.

Background Be Gone

You can hide background graphics from the master on any slide if you need more room for your slide objects. From the Format menu, select Custom Background and click the "Omit background graphics from master" check box.

Glide through Guides

You can create multiple guides in PowerPoint to help you align different objects. From the View menu, select Guides. While pressing the Ctrl key, drag a copy of the guide to the desired location. To eliminate unwanted guides, select one and drag it off the edge of the screen.

See the Light

The Scroll Lock light indicates when your next slide is ready in Slide Show. When it goes on, you can immediately go to the next slide.

Adding to AutoClipArt

You can add your own clip art images to AutoClipArt to illustrate concepts in your presentation. Use the Organize button in Clip Art Gallery, select Add Pictures, and double-click on your picture to add it. After the image is imported, you'll see the Picture Properties dialog. Enter the keyword(s) in the Description box to associate with the image. The next time the AutoClipArt feature encounters that word and suggests clip-art images, your image will be among the selections offered.

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