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2,001 Tips

Lotus Freelance Graphics 96

Slide onto the Web

You can export a slide show to the Web by selecting File/Publish to Internet. Each page of the presentation will be converted to a GIF file that can be viewed with a Web browser.

Logo a Go Go

You can quickly add your company's logo to every slide in a presentation (except the title slide) by selecting Presentation/Add a Logo to Every Page.

Testing, Testing 1-2-3-4

To check a SmartMaster to ensure that it works as desired, create a test presentation that includes diverse elements-charts, diagrams, different types of text, bulleted lists and a variety of colors. Also, take a look at the final test file in black and white.

Your Prints Will Come

Use File/Print Preview or View/Set View Preferences/Show Page Borders/Printable Area to make sure that no slide elements are beyond the printable area.


When in TeamReview mode, you can add comments to a file in a box that will automatically adjust its size to suit your comment.

Recycled Slides

Copy selected slides from old presentations using File/Copy Pages from Other Files. The old presentation is displayed as thumbnails, from which you can select the slides to include in the new presentation. When the selected slides are inserted, they adjust to conform to the SmartMaster currently in use.

Quick Right-Click Edits

InfoBox-also available in other Lotus applications-pops up when you right-click on an object. From the InfoBox, you can select any of the object's properties and change them. Double-clicking on InfoBox's bar will contract or expand the box so that it doesn't obscure your view.

One Size Fits All

Imported bitmaps will usually maintain their original size, but if they're too large, they are reduced until they fit the page. If this automatic sizing causes distortion, you can use the image editor to properly scale or crop the graphic.

Degrees of Rotation

Hold down the Shift key while you are rotating an object, and it will move 45 degrees at a time.

Background Bitmaps

Create a background for your slides using a bitmap file or a bitmap image copied from the clipboard. You can tile the image or enlarge it to fit the slide.

The Angle on Lines

When you draw a line while holding down the Shift key, the line will move only in 45-degree increments.

Objects in Order

Select View/Set Units and Grids to display a grid over your page. Objects on the page can then snap to the grid lines for accurate alignment.

Beautify Bars

Bar charts can be spiced up by inserting images into the bars. Copy the image you want to use to the clipboard, then select Chart/Series. Click on the Pictures tab and select a series. Choose a Picture size, then Paste Picture.

Time Trial

Practice your presentation by selecting Presentation/Rehearse. This feature will keep track of the time spent on each slide and create a summary for future reference.

Quick on the Draw

While you're giving your Freelance presentation, you can draw lines on slides by holding the left mouse button and dragging the cursor. You can alter the size and color of the lines you draw by selecting Presentation/Set Up Screen Show/Tools.

Share a Show

Display your presentation to your audience on one PC while viewing it on another that's connected by a serial or parallel cable. TeamShow lets you see the presentation with speaker notes while the audience sees only the slides.

Itinerant Icons

Rearrange icons on Freelance's toolbars by holding Ctrl and clicking on an icon, then dragging it to a new location on the bar.

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