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2,001 Tips

Harvard Graphics 4.0

Contemplating Templates

You can sidestep the master template settings for an individual slide by selecting Slide/Adopt Master Template and then unchecking options.

Turn a Chart into Art

A chart can be converted into an editable image by clicking on the chart to select it, and choosing Chart/Chart to Image. Keep in mind, however, that when you convert a chart to an image, the spreadsheet data you used to create the chart is no longer linked to the chart.

Get It Down in Black and White

You can print out a presentation in black and white-even if it was created in color. From Print Setup, you have a number of choices, including Printing Text as Black, Skipping Background Fill, Using Black-and-White Palette and Print Fills as White.

Brief Preview Review

To get an instant glimpse of your work in the Slide Editor, Slide Sorter or Outline, press F2. When you're finished previewing, just press any key.

More for the Image-Conscious

Go to one of SPC's online sites and download the Symbol Library Conversion Utility. This utility lets you convert older Harvard Graphics symbols that you can use with Montage and HG 4.0. You can find SPC on both the Web (http://www.spco.com) and CompuServe (GO SPC OnLine), and it has its own BBS (408-977-0290).

Preview Review, Part 2

If you want to preview your slide show in black and white, press Shift+F2 while you're working in the Slide Editor, Slide Sorter or Outline.

A Sharper Image

Harvard Montage Lite, an image browser, lets you search and sort graphics, and drag or paste them into a Harvard Graphics slide. Montage comes with 500 clip-art images.


HG 4.0 supports OLE 2.0, so it will work with other Windows apps with drag-and-drop and in-place activation.

Graphically Speaking

The Space Evenly tool will align a series of graphics with equal spacing. The Tint Bitmaps feature lets you add special effects to bitmaps.

Tweak the Toolbar

The standard HG toolbar is identical to the one in Microsoft Office, but you can add your own icons for frequently used functions. Select Options/ Customized Icons Bar.

Design Police

HG's Advisor will let you know when you violate a design principle. If you double-click on the message when you commit a faux pas, a dialog box pops up where you can make the necessary changes-with guidance from the Advisor.

Slide Savior

If you sometimes forget to save your work until it's too late, turn on Harvard Graphics' Options/AutoSave and indicate how frequently you want the program to save your work automatically. However, don't forget that you won't be able to undo changes made before an AutoSave

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