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2,001 Tips

ASAP Word Power 1.95

Dictionary Double Duty

ASAP Word Power automatically links its personal dictionary to Microsoft Word's custom dictionary. Entries previously added to Word show up in ASAP's personal dictionary and vice versa. However, ASAP won't let you delete or change any of the entries originally provided by Word.

Outline Printing

You can't print a presentation outline directly in ASAP, but there is a workaround. Save your outline as a text file by selecting File/Save As and specifying Text format. You can then print the resulting text file from any word processor.

Go for a Twofer

To combine presentations, open two copies of ASAP-each with a different presentation-and copy individual pages from one presentation to the other. Shift-click on a page (or choose Edit/Select Page) and copy, then select the other copy of ASAP and paste.

Just Like Autobuild

Want to incrementally reveal objects on a page-such as a series of bullets-a la other presentation programs' autobuild feature? Start by creating a page with all objects in place, then make a duplicate of the page for each element that has to appear separately-for example, displaying four bullets would require a total of four pages. To copy pages, select the page (Shift+Click or Edit/Select Page), then keep choosing Paste until you have the necessary copies. Starting with the next-to-last page, remove items one at a time until you get to the first page in the sequence. The first page should have just the first item; the last page should have all items; the next-to-last page should have all but one, and so on. To remove bullets, double-click on the bullet's text placeholder and press the Delete key. An empty text placeholder should remain. You can then run the presentation to see the autobuild effect.


ASAP's drag-and-drop feature, which lets you easily reorganize all your presentations, is available in both Outline and Preview modes. Don't forget: To copy instead of move, hold down the Ctrl key while dragging.

Shuffle The Pages

When reordering pages in Outline mode, it's easier and safer to collapse the entire outline so that only the page icons and headings appear. To do that, click on the Collapse All icon on the toolbar.

Fast But Calm

You may find that slides display faster and with less jitter during presentations if you select the Turn Transitions Off option from the Format menu.

Don't Go with the Flow

Even if you're in the middle of a live presentation, you can jump to a specific page by right-clicking, then selecting a different section from the pop-up list of available slide pages.

Take Control

Ctrl+Home moves you to the first page in an ASAP presentation. Ctrl+End takes you to the last slide. This works in both Outline and Preview modes.

Custom Creation

While ASAP Color Schemes can't be edited, there are still plenty of ways to be creative with your presentation. How about turning a graphic into a custom background? Select Insert/Picture. Right-click on the picture and choose Show On. You can show the image on all pages, every page except the title, or just the current page. Finally, place the picture in the background by selecting Background from the Placement drop-down list on the toolbar.

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