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2,001 Tips

SideKick 95

Calendar Constituents

When backing up or copying your Sidekick calendar, keep in mind that it's not just a single file. The calendar comprises eight files, all with the SKW extension and all beginning with four characters from your name or initials. The files are ("XXXX" indicates your initials): XXXXEVEN.SKW (Appointments), XXXXCALL.SKW (Calls), XXXXTASK.SKW (ToDos), XXXXMAST.SKW (Goals), XXXXRECR.SKW (Recurring activities), XXXXINIT.SKW (Calendar settings), XXXXCSCA.SKW (Personal list definitions) and XXXXDATA.SKW (Special days and multiday events).

This Appointment's a Drag

Keep a portion of your calendar open below the cardfile detail display, and you can easily create an appointment by dragging a card from the list on the left to the calendar.

The Urge to Merge

Create a merge template to print letters using names and addresses from your Sidekick cardfile. First type the standard text, then add fields from the current cardfile by selecting Tools/Create Merge Template. Save the document.

Keep a Date

The date or time (or both) can be added to a merge document by typing {#date} or {#time} in your template. At the time of the merge, Sidekick will fill in the actual date or time.

Keyword: Starfish

If you need to print labels or want to print your calendar, check Sidekick's America Online site before you create the format. There's a good selection of formats, including popular Avery labels, that you can download.

Give Exchange a Kick

If you have Microsoft Exchange installed, you can send e-mail directly from Sidekick. Create your message using Write, right- click on it and choose Send E-Mail.

Changing Times

You can quickly reschedule an appointment by right-clicking on it and selecting Edit. An even faster way is to drag an appointment to a new time slot.

Sort and Print

To print a sorted copy of your address book, select File/Print/Print Address Book, click on the More Options button and choose Print Index Field.

Take Care of Your Contacts

Use Sidekick's built-in Backup and Restore utilities to safeguard your files. Select Tools/Back Up and Restore Files, and choose Back Up. Click on Next and select the files you want to back up, then click Begin. Sidekick will let you copy across several diskettes. To restore files, select Tools/Back Up and Restore Files, and choose Restore. Click on Next, accept or modify the destination directories and click Begin.

Exchange Swap

You can integrate Sidekick 95 with your Exchange Inbox by importing your Exchange address book.

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