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2,001 Tips

Winutne 2.0

How Does It Work?

Want to know more about a particular test and how it's performed? After you have run the tests, click on any of the performance indicators to see a short description. If you want more info, check out the full descriptions in Wintune's Help file.

Check Your RAM Cache

When Wintune runs its tests, it generates a graph showing memory performance at various block sizes. If you'd like to see this graph after the tests are complete, click on the RAM Performance indicator in the Main tab. A CPU with an internal cache that is operating correctly should have at least two levels on this graph, with a high performance for small block sizes that falls off around 8KB. There may be a second drop in performance around 256KB due to an external cache.

Check Out 32-bit Access Options

Both Windows 3.x and Windows for Workgroups 3.x have a complex set of disk access and cache options that can be rather difficult to configure. Wintune checks out your system and advises you when you may have some of the options set incorrectly, or have them set for less-than-optimal performance.

Avoid the 32-Bit Access Blues

Some Windows 3.x systems may not run Windows when 32-bit disk access is used. If you turn on 32-bit disk access and find you cannot start Windows normally, try using the command WIN /D:X at the DOS prompt to start Windows with 32-bit options turned off. Then you can go to Control Panel and disable 32-bit access.

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