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2,001 Tips
Desktop Publishing/Graphics

QuarkXPress 3.22

Temporary Help

Instead of switching tools every time you want to select another object, use the Temporary Item tool. Hold down the Ctrl key instead of switching tools in the tool palette.

Quick Fonts

Quickly access the font field in the Measurement palette. Press Ctrl+Shift+Alt+M or Shift+F9. When the field highlights, type in the first letters of the font. When the correct font appears, press Enter to make the change.

Create Rounded Corners

Here's how to make a box with one, two or three rounded corners. Create a box with rounded corners using the Rounded-corner Rectangle Picture Box tool. Select the Item tool or the Content tool and create guides that align with the box edges to mark the square corners. Choose Item/Box Shape/Polygon to change the box to a polygon, then Item/Reshape Polygon to display polygon handles around the box corners. Delete all but one handle from the corner you want to be square. Grab the remaining handle and drag it to the corner indicated by the intersecting guides to make the corner square.

Use Discretionary Hyphens

Use discretionary hyphens by pressing Ctrl+Hyphen where you want the word to break. If the text moves and the word does not fall at the end of a line, no hyphen appears, so you don't have to remove hard hyphens from the copy.

Turn Off Smart Quotes

If you have turned on Smart Quotes in the Applications/Preferences menu but want inch or foot marks rather than curly quotes, hold the Ctrl key and press the single quote key to get the foot symbol. Hold the Ctrl+Alt keys and press the quote key to get the inch symbol.

Use Thumbnails

Use the thumbnail drag feature to copy pages from one document to another, provided the documents are exactly the same page size. Change both documents to Thumbnail view. Click on the page icon of the first document, drag it to the other document icon, and release the mouse button. This method will not work if the page you want to move has linked text.

Printing Complex Documents

If you get a Type 1 or VM error when you try to print your document on your local printer, it means the document is in some way too complex. If the document is too long, print it in small batches rather than all at once. If you just want to check the text, print everything but the graphics with the Rough printing option.

Slim Down Files

Reduce the number of font styles and weights to reduce file size and complexity. Each font and font weight you specify requires that the entire font set be downloaded at output.

Don't Mix Type

Never mix TrueType and PostScript Type 1 fonts in the same document. If the file will only be printed on your local laser printer, TrueType fonts are fine. If the final document is for a service bureau's high-resolution printer, use only PostScript fonts. It's wise to stick to PostScript fonts for all your documents.

Choosing a Tool

If you've selected the wrong tool, instead of using the mouse to select a different one, use keyboard controls. Scroll forward through tools in the palette by pressing the keyboard combination Ctrl+Tab. To scroll in the reverse direction, press Ctrl+Shift+Tab.

Using the Same Tool

When you finish drawing an object, QuarkXPress reverts to the Item or Content tool-whichever was selected prior to creating the object. If you want to continue using the same tool, hold down the Alt key when selecting the tool. The tool will remain selected until you manually select another tool.

Measure Up

Let QuarkXPress make precise measurements. If you have a box that should be 1 3/8 inch wider than you allocated, type Ctrl+Alt+M to access the Measurement palette and tab over to the width section. Use the right arrow to move to the end of the field and type +1.375. The program will add 1 3/8 inches to the original width of the box. This also works with division and multiplication.

Cross-Platform Harmony

Avoid problems in a cross-platform environment. Use the same fonts from the same vendors on all machines. If the font metrics are the same, you should be able to preserve text flow. When working with graphics, stick to formats that are common on all platforms. TIFFs, EPSs and JPEGs are best. Save your EPS files in a PC format. This ensures that they use a TIFF preview, which is readable on both platforms.

Use Page Grabber Hand

You don't have to use the scroll bars to move around on your document. Just hold down the Alt key. The Page Grabber Hand will appear. Now you can use the mouse to quickly move to another portion of your page or through the entire document.

Disappearing Guides

To place guides that appear only at a specific view percentage, hold down the Shift key while dragging a guide from the ruler. The guide will appear only at the view percentage at which it was created. Change the view percentage, and the guide disappears.

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