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2,001 Tips
Desktop Publishing/Graphics

CorelDRAW 6.0

Be Selective

Even though objects are grouped, you can select a single object from within the group by holding the Ctrl+Shift keys and clicking on one object in the group.

Postscript Postmortem

If you are unable to edit an EPS file after importing it to CorelDRAW with the Encapsulated Postscript filter, check the status bar. If the status bar reports the objects as a bitmap with an EPS file attached, re-import the file with the Postscript Interpreted (PS) filter. The file will now be presented in vector format, available for editing.

Grid Dynamics

Obtain quick and easy access to the Grid and Scale Setup dialog by double-clicking on either the horizontal or vertical rulers. You can relocate rulers by holding down the Shift key, clicking on the rulers and dragging them anywhere you like on the page.

A Mightier Mouse

Add functions to the right-mouse button by clicking on the Advanced tab in the Options dialog box. In the Pop Up Menu Customization section, choose an option from the First Menu Item list box. Click on OK. Now, whenever you click the right mouse button, the option you choose from the First Menu Item list box will appear at the top of the pop-up menu. If you choose None, the standard pop-up menu appears.

A Moving Sight

To see an object outlined as you move it, click the right mouse button with the pointer over the Pick tool. Then select Properties and check the "Draw objects when moving" option box. Finally, set "Delay to draw when moving" to 0.100.

Get a Handle

Increase or decrease an object's size in 100 percent increments by holding down the Ctrl key and dragging the side handle of an object to increase its horizontal dimensions, or the top or bottom handle to resize its vertical dimensions. Grab a corner handle in this manner to resize the entire object.

Identify Cryptic Icons

Figure out what tool icons represent by placing the pointer over the tool and pressing the right mouse button. When the menu appears, select either Help or What's This.

Shadow Boxing

To create a simple transparent drop shadow, select an object and press the + key to duplicate the object. Drag the duplicate to the spot where you wish the shadow to appear. Using the LENS function, set a suitable shadow color and transparency amount in the LENS dialog box. Send it behind the original object using the Arrange To Back menu item.

Dynamic Defaults

You change the default settings for Artistic text, Paragraph text, Bullets and Graphics to match your personal preferences. Open Layout/Styles Manager. Next, select the object you wish to change from the list and click the right mouse button. Select Properties, make your changes and select OK. Now click on the flyout button above the word Hot-Key and select Template. Click on the option "Save as default for new documents" and your settings will be saved for future sessions.

Metafile Magic

When you export a file from CorelDRAW with two-color bitmap pattern fills as a Windows Metafile (WMF), and then re-import the file, the result is a grayed-out image. To solve the problem, export the file using the Enhanced Windows Metafile (EMF) filter. The file will now import back into CorelDRAW correctly.

Simplify with Layers

Use layers to break down complex drawings into easy-to-edit components. You can make layers visible or hidden. A layer can be output to the printer or visible on the screen but not available for print. You can also lock a layer to prevent objects on it from being changed or moved.

Have Tools, Will Travel

Customize your workspace by moving the Toolbox. It can be docked, or can float anywhere you like. You can have flyouts grouped by function or have all tools visible at once.

Deja View

If you prefer the way Zoom Tools worked in earlier versions of CorelDRAW, place the pointer over the Zoom Tool and click the right mouse button. Select Properties and enable "Use traditional zoom flyout."

Quick-Draw Artist

When your screen is taking too long to redraw, consider changing to Wireframe view. This displays your objects without their outline and fill attributes, speeding redraws. You can choose Wireframe from the View menu or click the Wireframe icon in the ribbon bar.

Layer by Layer

If you'd like to select and edit objects on any unlocked layer in your drawing, turn the MultiLayer option on. Choose the Layers Roll-Up from the Layout menu, click on the menu flyout button and select MultiLayer. When it's disabled, you're restricted to objects on the active layer.

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