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2,001 Tips

WinFax Pro 7.5

In the Dark

You can control the darkness level of your faxes by adjusting the WinFax printer driver properties. Click on the Win95 Start button, select Settings and click on Printers. Right-click on the WinFax icon, choose Properties and click on the Graphics tab to adjust the print settings.

One Last Look

Preview a fax before sending it to verify its contents or to make additions or deletions. In the Send dialog box, click on Options and choose Preview/Annotate.

The Internet Option

When you're sending a fax long distance, use the Internet-it's cheaper than dial-up long distance. Click on Setup, choose Internet Fax, then follow the Internet Fax Setup Wizard steps.

Road Rules

If you're faxing from a hotel room, use your phone card to avoid the premiums that hotels charge for long-distance calls. Click on Setup, choose Dialing, then click on the Credit Card tab. You can then choose one of the existing credit card options or create your own dialing sequence.

Night Moves

Delay sending a fax to take advantage of lower long-distance telephone rates. Click on the Send Fax button, select a recipient and click on Delivery. Choose Off-Peak to send the fax at a time when the rates are lower.

On Location

To change your dialing location, right-click on the Location indicator on the WinFax status bar and select a different location. To open the Dialing Properties dialog, double-click the Location indicator.

Send Fast

If you have to send a fax fast, right-click on the WinFax icon on the task bar, then click on Send Fax. This will immediately launch the WinFax Send screen.

Remote Fax at Hand

When you are on the road, you can still retrieve your faxes. Select Receive from the Setup menu, click on the General tab and activate the "Allow remote retrieval of faxes from my computer" function. Whenever you want to retrieve faxes using this machine, click on Receive and choose Remote Fax Retrieval.

Macro Convenience

Send faxes directly from Word and Excel using a couple of WinFax 7.5's built-in macros. The macros add a WinFax option to the File menu in these programs, which will launch the WinFax Send screen from within the application. The Excel macro installs automatically; to install the others, open the WinFax folder, click on the icon associated with the application and follow the instructions.

Easy Comm

You can receive faxes without launching the entire WinFax program by running CommBar.

Coming Events

You can create a saved event to use as a template for future faxes. Specify the information you want to save in the Send dialog, then click on Create Event.

Under (New) Cover

In many cases, you can double-click the first entry in a folder list or item list to create a new entry. For example, to create a new cover page, double-click on New Cover Page.

By Default

You can automatically send the default cover page with every fax. On the Setup menu, click on Program, select the General tab and enable the "Always use cover page" option.

Hold Everything

To temporarily stop sending faxes already in your Outbox, right-click anywhere in the Outbox folder and click on Hold All. To restart faxing, right-click on the Outbox folder and click on Release All.

Drag Racing

Use drag-and-drop to speed up WinFax operations. For example, to initiate a quick fax, drop the necessary cover pages, attachments or phone book recipients onto the Send Fax toolbar button. This will automatically launch the Send screen.

A Few Words More

To add text to a received fax, double-click on the entry in the Receive log. Open the fax in the Fax Viewer, turn on annotation and fill in the form with the Text tool.

In Exchange for Mail

If you use Microsoft Exchange, you can see your e-mail while working in WinFax. From the Setup menu, click on Exchange, choose the General tab and select "Use Microsoft Exchange in WinFax." Similarly, you can access your WinFax logs and messages from within Microsoft Exchange by adding the WinFax service provider to your Exchange profile. In Control Panel, double-click on the Mail and Fax icon, then click on Add to include the WinFax Exchange extensions.

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