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2,001 Tips
From communications to word processing, these tips help you work smarter and faster.


Procomm Plus 3.0

For a Change of Mode

The Quick-Select line at the bottom of the screen allows you to quickly change terminal modes, file-transfer protocols, current connection and more with a mouse click. To move to the setup options for the item selected, use the right mouse button.

One-Click Pony

Metakeys are buttons that appear across the bottom of your screen. Use the Metakey editor (accessed through the Tools menu) to send commonly used text strings (such as passwords), to run scripts or even to start up other applications with the click of a button.

Make a (Re)Connection

When connected to BBS, use Zmodem to resume downloading files that aborted during earlier transfers.

Stay Current

If you regularly transfer files between primary and secondary PCs, configure the Zmodem Sender Crash Recovery Settings to Crash Recover if the file's CRCs match; otherwise overwrite. You can access these settings from the Setup/Data/Transfer Protocol menu. Make sure Zmodem is selected as the transfer protocol in the dialog box that pops up. This will ensure that both systems use the most current files.

Follow the Script

Use the Aspect Script Recorder (Scripts/Record) to avoid repetitive tasks every time you log onto a host computer. The recorder creates a script to automate the tasks performed while it is running. Attach the script to a dialing directory entry so it "plays" automatically when you connect.

It Takes Two

While in browser mode, you can launch a second version of the Procomm Plus Web Browser by right-clicking over a hyperlink and selecting Open in New Window.

Safe and Secure

When starting a remote control session, protect your data by turning on the Data Encryption option in Procomm Remote. When assured that the transfer medium is secure, turn this option off to speed up performance. Right-click on the Connection icon in the Remote Control window, and select Properties to enable or disable data encryption.

After the Crash

Be sure to turn on File Crash Recovery in your ftp settings on the Internet tab in the Setup dialog. Select Setup, Internet, FTP Options and Transfer Options. If connection problems occur while you're retrieving a file, crash recovery allows you to pick up where the transfer failed. You won't have to wait for the entire file to be resent.

Get In on the Action

Use the Action Bar Editor to develop your own action bar. Open the Action Bar Editor from the Tools menu, then open any action bar, and select Edit/Edit Action Bar. Move, add or replace buttons on the action bar to create your own. Once it's been created, open Action Bar on the Setup menu, find the name of the action bar you just created in the second drop-down box and check the Global check box so your action bar will be available no matter which mode you're in.

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