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2,001 Tips
Windows NT 4.0

Broadcast Quality

If you're adding Windows NT systems to LAN Manager 2.x domains, you'll need to enable LAN Manager-compatible broadcasts in the NT systems. Click on the Control Panel/Network icon, select the Server object and click on the Configuration button. In the dialog box, check the Make Browser Broadcasts to LAN Manager 2.x Clients box. Shut down and restart the system to make it visible to LAN Manager users.

Messenger Service

If messages don't reach their destination(s) when using the "net send" command, turn on the Alerter and Messenger services in the Server applet of the Control Panel. Also, make sure that the intended recipient is not logged in to multiple machines (only the machine first logged into will receive the message).

Legal Advice

To display legal warnings on a user's monitor when he logs in, go to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon key. Next, add two keys of type REG_SZ named "LegalNoticeCaption" and "LegalNoticeText" to act as the dialog title and body respectively.

Think Synch

Synchronize the time on your NT system with the domain controller or another NT machine, by typing: net time \\nts /set on the command line, where nts is the name of the NT machine with which you want to synchronize.

UNIX Unity

To mount an NTFS drive letter from an NT server onto a UNIX machine using NFS, check out Sunsoft's PCNFS or NetManage's Chameleon software packages.

Hello, Out There

When a Windows NT system has trouble accessing a network, try the net send and /BROADCAST commands. To use them, type net send /BROADCAST Is there anybody out there? If the system is working properly, the text message "Is there anybody out there?" will appear on the screen of all LAN Manager and NT systems on the local network segment. If not, then even low-level data packets are not being transmitted, indicating that the network card is misconfigured or the wrong driver is installed.

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