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500 Tips
Word Processing
Lotus WordPro

File Transfer Problems?

Check your user ID and password if you receive a message that says the server is unable to login to the address when trying to access an ftp site from WordPro. If you are trying to initiate an anonymous ftp session with a server which does not have an account for you, use "anonymous" as the user name and your e-mail address as the password.

Slenderize Your Data

Tired of bloated files hogging your disk space? Cut those documents down to size. Open the File/User Setup/Word Pro Preferences dialog. Uncheck Save Graphics for Fast Display; next, go to the Disable menu and uncheck the Use Small File Format box. Use sections rather than divisions in your document--each division is a selfcontained minifile. For additional pruning, delete styles not needed in the document by selecting Text/Names Styles/Manage. Remove embedded fonts by clicking on the Options tag and choosing File/Document Properties/Document.

Waaaay Out of Line

If you really like to push the limits, you can regularly extend lines past a document's margins. Set a negative indent for a paragraph by clicking Text/Text Properties and selecting the Alignment tab. Use a negative number in the indent specification.

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