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500 Tips
Quattro Pro 6.0

Be a Presentation Pro

Use Quattro Pro's built-in Slide Show Coach to guide you through the process of making simple presentations. You can reorder slides, set the presentation's tempo and choose from 30 slide-to-slide transition effects.

Your Desktop as You Like It

Choose File/Workspace/Save and enter a workspace name. The next time you open Quattro Pro, you'll return to the exact combination of files open when you last worked in the program. Using this procedure, you can save any number of workspaces by naming them. To restore a previous workspace, choose File/Workspace/Restore and select the name of the workspace.

Group Operations

Create a group and you can use it to add sums or create properties across several workbook pages at once. Select Group Mode by pressing Alt+F5 (or choose View/Group Mode), and click on a page in the desired group. Select a cell to contain the results of an operation, such as SpeedSum, then perform that operation. The row or column selected will be totaled on all pages in the group.

Help from the Experts

Experts help not only with graphs, but also with consolidating data from numerous sources, building scenarios and analyzing your data. Try the Analysis Expert when constructing spreadsheets that can only be set up using templates in other programs.

Bring Back the Property Inspector

Remember those Property Inspector dialogs that appeared when you right-clicked in Quattro Pro 1.0? You can bring them back to life by editing the QPW.INI file (in your WINDOWS directory). Use a text editor, such as Notepad, and add the line

Right MouseInspect=1
Save the file and restart Quattro Pro.

Find Blank Cells

To see if a cell (in this example, cell A1) is blank, use this formula:

Find out if a cell contains a value by substituting "v" for "b." To check if the cell contains a label, replace "b" with "l." Check for blanks in cell A1 by using the formula

Do It Again

Group a set of notebook pages (by holding down the Shift key as you select a series of notebook pages) and you can repeat an entry on each page of the group. First, activate the group by pressing Alt+F5 (or choose View/Group Mode), then select a cell, make your entry and press Ctrl+Enter. The entry will appear in the same cell of each page in the group.

Good Old DOS Commands

Still yearn for the days when you used the keyboard for commands starting with the / sign? You can go home again. Right-click on the title bar to activate the DOS-Version menus. Choose the Macro tab. Change the selection in the drop-down box for Slash Key to Quattro Pro-DOS. (You can also choose Lotus 1-2-3 Release 2.01 for DOS menus, if you prefer).

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