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500 Tips
Eudora 3.0

Message Melodies

If you don't want to hear a beep each time you get e-mail, or if you'd rather hear a different sound, select Tools/Options and click on Getting Attention. Use the check boxes to set the event that signals mail arrival, or click on the bar below the Play a Sound check box to associate a custom sound.

By Any Other Name

Tired of being yourself? Send e-mail under another identity by entering a new name and return address; select Tools/Options and click on Personal Information to make the changes.

Folders for Files

Eudora automatically stores attachments that are received with messages. To tell Eudora where to put those attachments, select Tools/Options and click on Attachments. Click on the bar below Attachment Directory to indicate the filing locations.


To quickly send a file, drag and drop the file onto a Eudora shortcut; a new message window will open with the file already attached.

Making Folders

Create mailboxes to help sort your incoming messages. Select Mailbox, click on New and type a name for the mailbox. To set up new mailboxes within that mailbox, repeat the procedure but check the "Make it a folder" box.


If Eudora displays a message that indicates a mailbox has a damaged table of contents, you must let the program rebuild it in order to open the damaged mailbox. After the rebuilding process, you'll lose status information for the messages that are in the mailbox. All of the mail should still be intact, however.

In Search of ...

Eudora lets you search all messages within a given mailbox. Select Edit/Find and type in the word or phrase you're looking for. Check whether you want to match case or summaries only, then click on Find.

Good Connections

A dial-up connection will automatically disconnect if there's a long period of inactivity. To keep the connection alive, select Tools/Options and click on Checking Mail; set the program to check for mail every 5 minutes or so.

Sorting the Mail

You can sort mail by sender, date, subject and so forth. In an open mailbox, click on a particular column heading to sort the mail by that field. To sort in reverse order, press Shift when you click on a column head.

Small Screen

Run Eudora as a tiny icon. First, create a desktop shortcut to EUDORA.EXE. Right click on the shortcut and select Properties from the Context menu. Click on the Shortcut tab and select Minimized from the drop-down menu in the Run field. You can then check your mail status from the Windows 95 taskbar on the bottom of the screen.

Queue Ball

You can set Eudora to either send new messages immediately or to queue them up for later delivery. Select Tools/Options and click on Sending Mail; check (or uncheck) the Immediate Send box. You can reverse this choice from within any new message by holding down the shift when you click on the Send/Queue button.

Wrap Up Your Messages

Use Word Wrap to ensure that the lines in your messages break correctly when your recipients read them. Select Tools/Options, click on Sending Mail and make sure the Word Wrap box is checked.

Wise Replies

If you have Eudora's Reply All option turned on, you can still selectively choose reply recipients. Hold down the Shift key when you select Reply to respond only to the sender of the message.

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