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500 Tips
Lotus cc:Mail

Select Company

You can do a spell check on text and reformat it without having to reselect the text. Save time by highlighting the text, then spell checking it. When the spell checker is finished, the text will remain highlighted, so you can easily apply format modifications, such as changing text color or margins.

Add an Address

The cc:Mail program automatically keeps Internet and other addresses that aren't in your company's directory. When you open a message, a dialog box lets you keep the sender's address. If you don't want to retain the address, press the N key immediately after opening the message; the message will open without displaying the dialog box.

Reminder in RAM

A utility called cc:Notify helps conserve RAM by alerting you when you receive messages-telling you the subject, author and date-so you don't have to run the full program. If you want to read a new message, you can quickly launch cc:Mail from cc:Notify by double-clicking on your name, which will be displayed in cc:Notify's upper window.

Message Screening

You can quickly skim through your messages using cc:Mail's Preview Pane. Select View/Show Preview Pane. When you click on a message, it will appear in the preview window on the bottom of the screen.

A Few Good Folders

cc:Mail's Workspace allows access to several message folders simultaneously. For instance, you can access your inbox and outbox at the same time. Select Window/Workspace and choose the folders that you want to appear in the Workspace area.

Mail Order

If you subscribe to an Internet list server, you know that these servers tend to combine individual e-mail messages into a longer message-and the messages often arrive out of order. To read these-or any other-messages in the order they were sent, select the first message by clicking on it. Hold down the Ctrl key, then select the remaining messages in the order you want to read them. Press Enter and the messages will open in the order selected.

Space Saver

You can save space and speed up transmission by compressing file attachments from within cc:Mail. After attaching a file, press the Compress button that pops up in the dialog box.

cc:Mail Rules

You can use cc:Mail Rules to separate mail exclusively addressed to you from the mail addressed to groups that include you. The messages addressed to you alone will be placed in a special folder and won't get lost among all your group messages.

Archive Your Mail

Store messages in archives on your hard drive or a diskette so they don't take up mail-volume space. You can read and copy archived messages, but you can't delete them individually. To archive a message, press Ctrl+N while in the Mailbox window and choose Archive from the Add New dialog. A file dialog lets you indicate the desired destination for the archive.

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