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Get a Better View

Get a WPWin 6.1 Systems Compatibility Corporation viewer for GroupWise 4.0a/4.1 by downloading VIEW61.EXE from ftp://ftp.novell.com. At that site, file GWSCC1.EXE contains viewers for Mac PowerPoint 4.0 files, Quattro Pro 6.0 files and Mac Word 6.0 files under GroupWise 4.1 and 4.1a Windows Clients.

Get a Patch to Fix Problems

Do GroupWise 4.1a custom messages or custom commands fail? Does MAPI GPF? Is calendar printing orientation sometimes wrong? Do you get only the first page of a multisheet TIFF or spreadsheet printout if you're viewing the original during printing? If so, try applying the GWUSC1.EXE patch available at ftp://ftp.novell.com if you use GroupWise via LAN. If you use the remote client instead, apply patch GWUSR1.EXE.

Patch Upon Patch

If you've already applied the GWUSC1.EXE patch to your GroupWise 4.1a LAN client, try applying GWUSC2.EXE if you experience other problems, such as with Macintosh file attachments and DOS 8.3 standard filenames; a locking problem when printing multiple files with WPWIN; a GPF when scrolling down a Busy Search list; a GPF or computer restart when logging on to Windows 95 as a different user while running a Shared Code program; Address Book names displayed incorrectly when scrolling; disappearing minimize and maximize buttons while recording macros; messages and attachments that don't clean up correctly; a GPF when opening an attachment from a send dialog; or a GPF when the mouse pointer is moved across a macro-button bar. If these dilemmas happen on a remote client, apply patch GWUSR2.EXE, provided you've used patch GWUSR1.EXE.

Load Faster

You can load modules of WPWin when Windows 3.x first starts up, speeding start-up of the full WPWin application. Add PIF files for WPCDLL.EXE (for 5.x) or MFWIN20.EXE (for 6.x or POWin) in the StartUp group under Program Manager. Make the working directory for the PIFs the shared code directory.

Adjust for Time Zones

Since GroupWise stores appointments relative to Greenwich Mean Time, your appointments can be fouled up if your Administrator sets the Time Zone or daylight-savings time to begin and end after you've already scheduled items. Currently, the best solution is to reschedule your appointments.

Join Up

Subscribing to a list server is great for learning how to get the most out of GroupWise. Send an e-mail with the one-line message Subscribe NGW followed by your first and last name to listproc@tribble.uvsc.edu. You will receive a confirmation e-mail and some instructions. Once you are a member, any mail you address to ngw@tribble.uvsc.edu will reach all your fellow subscribers.

Get Help Online

If you need information, visit Novell's Web site (http://www.novell.com), ftp server (ftp://ftp.novell.com) or their gopher list of patches at gopher://gopher.novell.com/11/pub/updates. Additionally, GroupWise patches are at ftp://ftp.wordperfect.com.

Enhance the Experience

Novell has released an Enhancement Pack for its software that you might want to consider purchasing. It provides useful features such as automatically adding your signature file to the bottom of GroupWise messages.

A Sign from Above

Even if you don't have Novell's Enhancement Pack, you can append your signature file to outgoing messages. Create a custom view with the view editor (VEWIN) and replace the Send button with a macro button. A macro will sign your message before sending it.

Full of It

GroupWise sometimes generates erroneous disk-full messages, usually due to incorrect rights/permissions or files without owners on Netware volumes. If you get such a message, have your administrator check for those problems. To find files without owners in the current directory, administrators can use the NDIR /OW LE * command. To search subdirectories use: NDIR /OW LE * /SUB.

Too Attached

In Office 4.0 and GroupWise 4.1, mail attachments are sometimes never deleted--even when the sender and all recipients have deleted the message. To see if this is happening, look in the Offiles directory and see if it grows unusually large after each day. If the size keeps going up, ask your administrator to run the Ofcheck utility to clean things up.

That's Simply Unacceptable

Have you been sending messages to folks who swear they never got them, even though your software shows otherwise? They may have established a rule that accepts mail messages instead of appointment requests. Accepted items are hidden by default, but to test for the problem you can "unhide" them by opening the Inbox, selecting View/Filter, checking the box next to Not Accepted and clicking on OK. If the missing messages now show up in the Inbox, hunt and alter the unwanted rule so that it applies only to appointments.

Forward March

If you're out of the office, you can have GroupWise automatically forward your internal e-mail messages to another GroupWise user. Write a rule that "delegates" new messages. The recipient will receive your mail embedded in a mail message automatically sent for you.

Special Delivery

Have GroupWare Instant Experts, Tech Tips and App Notes e-mailed or faxed you by sending e-mail to Novell at public@novell.com. To receive a list of available documents via e-mail, the body of your message to Novell should be GET 1; to have the list faxed, the first line of the body should be FORWARD 1 and the second line TO FAX: Firstname Lastname@your_number. To order specific documents on the list, insert the appropriate number after the GET or FORWARD command. For example, to receive the Instant Expert Guide #716 by e-mail, the first line of your e-mail should read GET 716.

Universal Truth

GroupWise apps can use both Novell and Universal Naming Conventions (UNC) anywhere a path and filename can be entered. GroupWise users are probably already familiar with the syntax for NNC (server\volume:directory\filename); the UNC is: \\server\volume\directory\filename.

Look Before You Run

Don't run the LAN Server app on your client machine RUNSLAPP (which enforces the license limits for other apps) unless your administrator has installed the required shared code on a network drive that is always mapped to all workstations. If not, Windows may give you an Undefined Link error message or a Segment Load Failure error message after WPWin 6.0a is closed for the first time.

Don't Hit the Breaking Point

In WFWG 3.1, certain virtual device drivers can use up too many of your network software's callback breakpoints, especially when running GroupWise. That can cause a crash or produce false Out of Memory errors. Avoid the problem by increasing the maximum breakpoint value (MaxBPs=value) specified in the [386Enh] section of the SYSTEM.INI file until the errors cease. Learn more about the MaxBPs setting from the Microsoft Windows for Workgroups 3.1 Resource Kit.

Hacking the Writing Tools

The Speller, Thesaurus and Grammatik writing tools behave according to settings in the WTAPI.INI file, which you can tweak provided you have write access to it and can find the file. Its default location is Windows directory. If the file isn't there, look at the variable WTAPIPATH in the [Writing Tools] section of WIN. If the variable isn't there, your administrator has done a corporate installation, placing the variable value in a BIF file, which you might not be able to edit.

WPDRAW Won't Run?

If you're running the WPCNET Settings copy of WordPerfect, and WPDraw won't run, you probably don't have the WPDraw program installed in the WPWIN60 default directory. You need to use Regedit to change the server= value under the WPChart21 entry to the path where WPDRWIN.EXE is installed.

Off-Load Your Dictionary

Save disk space by moving your supplementary dictionary from your Windows directory to any network volume you have write access to (provided you have your administrator's permission). Talk to your administrator about adding a group called WPSpeller with a section called Settings, and an item called Default Path for Supplementary Dictionaries in the WPCNET.BIF file. The item type is ANSI string. The value can be a full path or a relative drive letter. The Supplemental Dictionary File naming convention is WxxxxxUS.SUP, where the five x's represent the hashed name based on the user name.

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