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500 Tips
Tax Software
Microsoft Money 97

A Moving Experience

If you enter a transaction in the wrong account, right-click on it and click on Move to Account. Choose the correct account and click on OK.

Do It Right

To correct an error in a transaction that you've already entered in the register, right-click on the transaction in the register, choose Edit and then modify the information in the form at the bottom of the screen. Click on Enter, and the register information will be corrected.

Pluses and Minuses

When you mistakenly enter a check as a deposit, the amount is added to your account rather than deducted. To fix this, right-click on the register entry, click on Edit and, in the form below, insert a minus sign before the amount. Click on Enter, and the amount will then show up as a payment.

Play the Angles

When you're in a register for one account and would like to move to another account, click on the inverted triangle before the account name and choose another account.

One Good Tip Deserves Another

When the Tip of the Day pops up, right-click and choose Next Tip to view another. You can repeat this as many times as you'd like.

Terms of Address

You can include the payee's address on printed checks. Right-click on the transaction in the register, choose Go to Payee, then enter the information in the designated fields. Click on Back to return to the register, or Go To and a destination.

Mouse Maneuver

Hold the mouse pointer over an area of a chart, and information about what it represents will appear.

Chart Your Course

Right-click on a chart and choose Zoom to enlarge it. Click on Back to return to the previous screen.

Charts-Bar None

Don't like pie-charts, that is? Right-click on the chart and select a different chart type to see the data represented as a line or bar chart.

Be Calculating

From any Amount field, you can pop up a calculator by clicking on the Down arrow next to it or pressing Alt+Down arrow. Or just type a numeral and then press any function key (like + or -), and it will pop up.

Get a Date

From any Date field, click on the Down arrow next to it to pop up a calendar. Select a date on the calendar to enter it in the Date field.

Transaction Tracking

When entering a new transaction in the register, right-click on the payee or amount and choose Previous Amounts. You'll see details on the past five transactions involving that payee, including the category if you've entered that information. Use this to avoid paying a bill twice or entering duplicate transactions.

Instant Recall

Have a transaction that's identical or similar to one you've already entered? Save time by entering the payee's name or the amount, then right-click on either field and choose Previous Amounts. The past five transactions will appear. Choose the one you'd like to repeat, and that information will appear in the new transaction. You can edit as needed.

Secret Stuff

Enter information that's for your eyes only on online bill payments or printer checks by enclosing it in curly brackets { } in the Payee field.

Time Trip

Right-click in the Date field and choose Yesterday, Today or Tomorrow.

One Step Forward-Or Back

Type a plus sign in the Number or Date fields to advance by one, based on the last figure entered. A minus sign takes you back one.

Get a Different View

Toggle back and forth between a detailed view of the register and top-line-only by pressing Ctrl+T.

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