Only the Best

By Mike Elgan, Editor

There are more than 22,000 hardware and more than 17,000 software products currently available for Windows 3.x, Windows 95 and Windows NT. And that doesn't even include the uncountable thousands of shareware programs out there.

Your task is to find the products that exactly suit your needs and your wallet.

There's certainly no shortage of product information. You can pick up dozens of computer-product magazines, many of which feature giant roundups of dozens or even hundreds of products per category-most of which are old and not worth your attention. The Web contains gigabytes of random product announcements, "reviews" and advice from all quarters on what you should buy.

Despite this info glut, friends and relatives are always asking me questions like: "Mike, which PC should I buy?" "Can you recommend good fax software?" "What's the best printer for under $400?"

They figure that as Editor of WINDOWS Magazine, I can cut through the hype and give no-nonsense, well-informed advice. And that's exactly what every buyer of hardware and software is looking for.

If you want better information instead of just more information, this magazine is exactly what you're looking for: the most concise, current and complete guide to buying Windows hardware and software. Our lab staff and product experts test thousands of Windows products each year. We apply our rigorous 32-bit benchmarks, long experience and real-world approach to every test. Only a tiny fraction of the products we review earn the coveted WINDOWS Magazine Recommended seal.

Every product we currently recommend is reviewed in this issue in a concise, boiled-down format. No bad advice; no endless listings of products we don't recommend. This guide contains only the best of the best. If it's here, you can buy it with confidence.

Like many, you may also be considering a move to Win95 or NT. We've included in this issue detailed advice on which flavor of Windows is right for you.

So the next time my friends and relatives ask me what to buy, I'll give them the same advice I'm giving you: Read this magazine!