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By Fred Langa

Your next OS may arrive in bits and pieces, perhaps even without your involvement.

The Explorer

By Mike Elgan

"Baby Bills" would be good for the industry, users and Microsoft.

Windows at Work

By Cheryl Currid

Spend those leftover budget dollars on high-tech gifts that keep on giving.

Dialog Box

By Linda Ellerbee

Computers have changed my lifestarting with getting me fired.

How To

Optimizing Windows

By John Woram

Optimize your PC by reinstalling Win95-from scratch.


By Jim Boyce

Dialog boxes can make your macros sing.

Power Windows

By Karen Kenworthy

Use scanning software to find documents, files and folders.

Programming Windows

By Martin Heller

Add snazzy HTML forms to your Web page.

Cover Story

Best of Breed

We've configured some of the best new systems with the hottest peripherals to come up with four digital dream teams. From high-end to home office, multimedia to mobile, we've got the setup to suit your needs.


Windows NT

By John D. Ruley

There's a new tool for wiretapping your network. It's called NT Server 4.0.

Enterprise Administrator

By Tom Henderson

Upgrading to the latest 32-bit desktop and server operating systems? Watch out for snags

Not Just Browsing

Transform your client/server networks into browser/server installations.

NT Product Pipeline

Check out the hottest new products in the pipeline.


Web Winners

Our design contest drew more than 1,000 entries, and the competition was fierce. Check out the sites that knocked our socks off.

On the Road with JavaScript

You want to add pizzazz to your Web pages, but all that programming scares the html out of you. Meet JavaScript, Java's less intimidating sibling.

WINLAB Reviews

What's Hot!

Will Pegasus Make Hand-Helds Soar?

The next generation of PDAs has arrived, and they're running a version of Windows tailored for hand-helds. But will WinCE fly?

Quicken Gets the Edge in Personal Finance

Intuit's entry leads Microsoft's Money by a nose. Quicken owes its edge to a better understanding of how users manage their money. Now if it could only print the stuff ...

Lightweight Performs Like a Champ

HP's OmniBook 800CT weighs in at less than 4 pounds, but it's no lightweight when it comes to performance. Its swift video, PCI architecture and 133MHz Pentium chip are a knockout combination.

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Recommended List

Check out our complete list of recommended products, including the top systems, notebooks, hardware and software.


December 1996 Letters


New Products

How to Buy... a CD-Recordable Drive

R & R: Resources And Recreation

Windows Online

Superior Shareware


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