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GlobalTransfer 1.0

Teach Your Files a Shortcut

What's the shortest route a file can travel between two computers? GlobalTransfer 1.0 can be quicker than e-mail and as easy as sending a fax. It lets you transfer a file from your PC to a colleague's Mac or vice versa. To send a file with GlobalTransfer, click on the Send Files button and select the file and recipient (from a phone book), and the file transfers to the recipient's computer. To receive files sent by others, click on the Receive Files button. GlobalTransfer directly transfers the files. You can also drag a file or a folder onto the GlobalTransfer icon or use Send To on the right-mouse-button menu.The program uses the cross-platform Zmodem file-transfer protocol to transfer files between PCs and Macs. GlobalTransfer, which only works with Windows 95 and Macs, transfers multiple files and confirms delivery. GlobalTransfer supports long filenames as well as SVD modems, so you can talk on the phone while transferring data. GlobalTransfer Lite, a free receive-only version, comes with the program, and you can send it to colleagues.

$29.95; 2-pack, $44.95; 10-pack, $199.95
Global Village Communication
800-469-9892, 408-523-1000

Turbo Browser 5.2

Find Files Fast

Turbo Browser 5.2 enhances Windows Explorer, allowing you to find and preview files and launch applications from one program. The enhanced version, which supports HTML and multimedia documents, is compatible with more than 50 file types. Other new features include WYSIWYG viewing and printing of spreadsheets and searching of formatted data. Turbo Browser lets you view and print graphics, audio, e-mail and spreadsheet files without having the applications. It finds files anywhere on your computer, even across multiple drives, folders and subfolders.

Single user, $99.95; 10-user license, $899.95
Pacific Gold Coast
800-732-3002, 516-759-3011


View Docs, and Your Desk

Need help cleaning up your cluttered desk? MyDesk is a personal archiving and retrieval solution that will save you from drowning in paper. It provides a document viewer and database management capabilities to help you organize documents for easy retrieval.

MyDesk automatically converts scanned paper documents into a TIFF-compatible searchable image format. No manual entry of keywords or separate OCR steps are necessary. When you type in a word, MyDesk retrieves all documents containing that word. The program highlights each hit on the document. MyDesk supports rapid image zooming, scrolling, paging and multipage documents.

You can also e-mail MyDesk documents over the Internet as e-mail to other MyDesk users, who can then per-form searches on the documents.

Iota USA
800-655-IOTA, 203-849-1400

The TeleVideo TeleSound 3D Sound Card provides true 16-bit stereo sound and allows digital audio recording and playback at sample rates up to 48kHz. It also lets you simultaneously record and mix stereo sources. The IDE card supports Sound Blaster Pro, Ad Lib, Windows Sound System, MPU-401 and MPC II sound standards.

800-835-3228, 408-954-8333

DemoShield5 helps you promote and sell software with demos and tutorials. The program includes SmarTemplates for Presales, Quick Tour, Cue Card, Tutorial, CD Browser and Press Demos. An Automation Wizard helps coordinate text and graphics by automatically assigning correct timing to objects.

16-bit version, $295; 16/32-bit version, $495
InstallShield Corp.
800-278-2091, 847-240-9111

As digital cameras improve, you'll want to use digital photos the same way as traditional photographs. PictureAlbum lets you group digital pictures together into a collection for electronic distribution, or for creating a brochure or other custom business document.

Media Minds
619-453-3133, fax 619-481-1263

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