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12/96 New Products: Programming

Start Developing for Visual Basic

Get a Head Start on Your VB Project

Want to build better applications faster? Start Developing for Visual Basic creates your project framework for you. Its Application Wizard walks you through a six-step interview, then builds a skeleton project that includes code for error handling, ActiveX/OLE automation, MDI, and MAPI and Internet support.

Assistants automate routine development tasks, adding function headers and updating the Registry, among other things. You can view project statistics (such as lines of code), define and insert consistent headers in all existing functions and routines, and create new procedures that automatically include consistent headers and bulletproof error handling.

Start Developing's OFX Modules provide code for accessing databases and performing OLE automation.

The program includes separate 16- and 32-bit versions and works with VB 3.0 and 4.0.

Moss Micro,
LLC800-608-6585, 714-260-0300

InstallShield Express Professional

Take the Express Way

It takes just a few mouse clicks to generate your own setup program with InstallShield Express Professional. Using a point-and-click checklist, ISEP assembles prebuilt objects that automate the installation of ODBC drivers and other specific components for Visual Basic, VC++, Borland C++ 5.0, Delphi 2.0, Paradox 7, Powersoft Optima++ and other development tools.

The resulting setup program conforms to Windows 95 Setup Guidelines, including automatic Registry entries. It can modify system and .INI files and compress files over multiple subdirectories. Your user can see custom billboards during installation, and safely remove apps with an unInstallShield feature.

InstallShield Corp.
800-278-2091, 847-240-9111


A Talking Dragon

Add a 60,000-word dictation system to your existing custom controls with DragonXTools. The custom control uses the capabilities of Dragon System's text-to-speech DragonDictate program to provide audio user prompts, feedback on speech recognition performance, and the ability to read back text

and numbers for confirmation or correction at a later time. DragonXTools are compatible with tools supporting VBX custom controls and include fully commented source code.

Dragon Systems
800-TALK-TYP, 617-965-5200

Vision Builder helps you quickly build scalable, consistent client/server applications. It lets you model complex business logic using high-level rules, then it automates the building of SQL Server triggers and stored procedures. The Business Rules Designer, Application Designer and Intelligent Templates components allow you to define the application as a series of models and business rules. Vision Builder then synthesizes the models and creates both complete applications and reusable components.

Vision Software Tools
800-984-SOFT, 510-238-4100

Insert ad hoc queries, rebuild a data set or re-create damaged indexes of VB/ISAM data sets with VTool. Its full text search scans all records and primary keys text and can include Boolean operators. VTool provides an .EXE file and a DLL, with sample source code calling the DLL. The kit includes versions for VB 3.0 and 16- and 32-bit VB 4.0. It also validates data set integrity before making a backup copy of the database, validates keys, changes the maximum key length, and removes or adds indexes.

Software Source
408-363-0985, fax 408-363-0987

Develop in the platform-neutral Java programming language with Sun Microsystems' Java WorkShop, a tool written in Java. The Web-browser program lets you avoid command-line coding and helps you create, compile, organize and publish Java applications. Hypertext online help and a hard-copy installation guide are provided.

Introductory till Dec. 31, $99;

$295 thereafter
Sun Microsystems

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