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12/96 New Products: Remote Access

Diamond SupraExpress 336 SP

Work Without Hang-Ups

You don't have to choose between good conversation and fast data transmission when using your telephone for both. The Diamond SupraExpress 336 SP with ASVD (analog simultaneous voice and data) fax modem uses AudioSpan technology to let you talk and share data simultaneously over a single analog telephone line.

The modem transmits at up to 33.6Kb per second, the fastest modem speed available. The SupraExpress 336 SP also has a built-in speakerphone.

Bundled software includes Thought Communications' FaxTalk Messenger, VDONet's VDOPhone for videoconferencing over ordinary phone lines, Databeam's FarSite for application sharing, and Internet packages with free online time. The modem's telephony features allow you to dial into your computer to pick up voice messages from a Touch-tone phone. Like all Diamond Supra 33.6Kbps modems, the SupraExpress 336 SP supports V.80, the new ITV standard for the synchronous exchange of audio and video.

External, $149; internal, $129
Diamond Multimedia Systems
800-727-8772, 360-604-1400

Konexx connectors

It Pays to Have Connections

Keeping us all connected requires an awful lot of, well, connectors. But Konexx is ready, with all the RJ-11 connectors you need to hook up to digital, PBX and multi-line phone systems. The Konexx Office Konnector attaches fax modems to any phone system; Konexx DataTalk I links VoiceView AVD modems to phone systems for alternating voice and data transmission through one connection; and Konexx DataTalk II connects DSVD (digital simultaneous voice and data) modems to office phone systems. The Konexx Mobile Konnector lets you transmit files from your notebook's PC Card via hotel telephones by creating an analog RJ-11 jack, and Konexx Konference attaches teleconferencing units to office phones instead of using PBX adapters or additional analog phone lines.

Office Konnector, $119; DataTalk I, $149; DataTalk II, $179; Mobile Konnector, $149; Konference, $139
800-275-6354, 619-622-1400

Microcom ISPorte

Modem Management

The Microcom ISPorte helps manage modems connected to a network, Internet service provider or BBS. It supports up to 64 analog modems on 16 modem cards, allows for hot swapping of cards, and includes porteWatch monitoring software, as well as password connection and dial access security. ISPorte's mass firmware download feature lets you download software upgrades to all your network modems at once. PorteWatch helps you monitor, control and configure modems, while providing real-time feedback on the operating status of all modems in the rack.

Starts at $250 per port
800-822-8224, 617-551-1000


The hardware you buy now might be the latest and greatest today, but what about tomorrow? The Digicom 336V34id DSP Modem uses a digital signal processor (DSP) chipset to let you upgrade it by downloading the latest firmware files from the Digicom Systems Web site or BBS. The Plug-and-Play internal fax modem transmits data at up to 33.6Kbps, and sends and receives faxes at up to 14.4Kbps.

Digicom Systems
408-262-1277, fax 408-262-1390

The upgraded Motorola Mariner fax modem LAN adapter card and Motorola Montana PC Card transmit at 33.6Kbps, and now work with Motorola-ready cellular phones. Montana and Mariner are compatible with Windows 3.x and Win95.

Mariner, $399; Montana, $309

The Viking NetLink 33.6 ISA SVD and Viking NetLink 33.6 PC Card transmit data at 33.6Kbps and support Group III fax transmissions at 14.4Kbps. The ISA fax modem supports DSVD, and includes QuickLink Message Center Software and an optional Plug-and-Play feature that automatically configures your system for quick installation. The PC Card is a PCMCIA Type II card that includes QuickLink Mobile Software, and lets you store phone numbers and modem setup instructions in its NVRAM (nonvolatile RAM).

ISA without SVD, $160; ISA with Plug and Play and SVD, $230; PC Card, $240
Viking Components
888-484-5464, 714-643-7255

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