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12/96 New Products: Conferencing

Internet Conference

A Virtual Meeting Room

You don't have to be on the same continent if you want to be on the same page with colleagues and friends. The Internet Conference Professional Edition 2 and Personal Edition enable real-time multimedia collaboration among multiple users, regardless of their location or the information's origin.

Internet Conference Professional Edition 2 and Internet Conference Personal Edition let you share and edit documents, discuss revisions, and surf and review Web pages simultaneously. You can even give remote presentations. The software can be used among multiple users on PCs. The Professional Edition works from within standard OLE-capable application suites such as Microsoft Office.

The Internet Conference products incorporate VocalTec's Internet Phone and VT sound technology, which allows two users to talk while working on their project together.

Professional Edition (includes Personal Edition), $149.95; Personal Edition, $49.95
800-843-2289, 201-768-9400

AltaVista Forum 2.0

Reach a Quorum in This Forum

AltaVista Forum 2.0 lets business teams hold virtual meetings over the Internet from a desktop platform with a browser-anywhere, anytime. Team members can initiate conferences, use security features to hold discussions in either public or private venues, and change documents simultaneously team-specific home page provides links to each team forum and information about the team and its members. AltaVista provides individuals or teams with "collaboration centers," including general information, calendars and even "virtual" calling cards. For time-sensitive collaboration, the program offers IRC text chatting and integrates with CU-SeeMe teleconferencing software.

$495 for 25 users; $3,995 for unlimited users (on a one-processor CPU); $2,395 for each additional processor
Digital Equipment Corp.
800-336-7890, 508-486-2308

Internet VideoPhone

Smile, You're On the Web

See the world from your computer ... over the Internet. Internet VideoPhone, 32-bit videoconferencing software, provides real-time audio communications and full-color live video over the Internet for the cost of a local phone call. You need Internet or intranet access, TCP/IP LAN for videoconferencing and a color digital camera.

$69.99; $199 with video capture card; $249 with digital color camera
Specom Technologies Corp.
408-982-1880, fax 408-982-1883

The VideumConf Pro desktop videoconferencing package includes a color video camera,the Videum add-on board and Enhanced CU-SeeMe software. This videoconferencing software achieves low bandwidth connections via data-compression techniques that enable operation over a 28.8 modem, ISDN or better. CU-SeeMe offers full-color video, audio, chat window and whiteboard communications.

888-4-WINNOV, 408-733-7419

The Sony TriniCom family of roll-about group videoconferencing systems isn't built for layabouts. The Sony TriniCom 4000 comes standard with all the features needed for most videoconferencing applications, including a wireless remote control and on-screen icon menu. The Sony TriniCom 5000 includes built-in four-party multipoint conferencing functionality, and connects to just about any videoconferencing system through two or three ISDN BRI ports.

TriniCom 4000, $15,900;
TriniCom 5000, $21,600
Sony Electronics
800-472-SONY xVIDEO, 408-432-0190


When you have something good to show off, why limit it to one monitor? With the P.I. Y-SeeTwo Video Signal Splitter, you can use two VGA or SVGA monitors simultaneously. The splitter receives power from the keyboard port and requires no external power supply. It supports up to 1280x1024-pixel resolution and 32-bit color.

P.I. Engineering
800-628-3185, 517-655-5523

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