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12/96 New Products: Utilities

MagnaRAM 97

Longer Memory for Win95?

Despite all the problems RAM compression software had with Windows 95 the first time around, Quarterdeck is ready to try again with MagnaRAM 97. The program optimizes Win95's virtual memory system, compressing memory to keep more data in RAM and reduce your system's dependence on the hard disk.

MagnaRAM is also designed to speed application loading and recover memory from Windows 95's disk caching system, known as Vcache or 32-bit file access. MagnaRAM's CacheBack feature reclaims memory from Vcache, and adds that memory to its compressed buffer to extend available physical memory.

MagnaRAM 97's new interface shows how much memory and time it is saving, and lets you click on an area for more detailed information. The program works in the background automatically. Quarterdeck says it increases performance even if your PC has 16MB or more of RAM.

Quarterdeck claims MagnaRAM 97 dynamically grows and shrinks its compression buffer as needed and uses page file management to compress information written to the hard drive. With information compression, MagnaRAM saves time by making sure each read and write request handles more data.

A TurboLoad feature starts programs more quickly, and loads certain files faster.

Quarterdeck Corp.
800-354-3222, 310-309-3700

Video Express Viewer 1.0

Full Stream Ahead

Get the picture-even if it moves. Video Express Viewer 1.0 turns your PC into a video playback machine by playing video and audio files downloaded from the Internet or from applications on your CD-ROM drive, hard disk, network server or company intranet. Video Express Viewer's interface resembles a VCR remote control with fast forward, rewind, pause and play buttons. The program supports ActiveMovie Stream Format (.ASF) files.

ImageMind Software
800-321-5933, 801-350-9461

Keyboard Express 1.5

Work Macro Magic

If you're a macro maniac, Keyboard Express 1.5 is for you. The program, which lets you define up to 364 hotkeys and use up to 5,000 keystrokes per hotkey, now comes in a 32-bit version for Windows 95 and NT.

The upgraded version lets you launch software programs or documents with a hotkey, insert timed delays or pause the macro's playback until you instruct it to resume. You can load and save multiple sets of hotkey definitions for different apps, temporarily deactivate hotkeys and print a list of active hotkeys for reference. When creating macros in Keyboard Express' input window, you can include special keys, like Alt, Pause and F1, just by clicking on them.

Insight Software Solutions
801-295-1890, fax 801-299-1781

FastMove 2.0 lets you copy and update folders and directories by clicking on one button. You can copy files to a new system, update files between two systems, transfer files between directories within a system, or back up onto a removable cartridge. A ZipSync feature lets you update the files on your Zip drive, while Zip Organizer helps you catalog and find files on your Zip Drive or other removable cartridges. FastMove also transfers files between a PC running Windows 95 and one running Windows 3.x, and scans files for viruses during transfers.

Touchstone Software
800-531-0450, 714-969-7746

Even if you don't have time for the little things, AutoMate 96 does. AutoMate automatically launches and executes unattended programs on schedule. It will send and receive your e-mail, virus-check your hard disk, back up critical files or perform other routine jobs in off-hours. Its Task Set-Up Wizard creates macros to configure and perform these tasks. The product ships with 16-bit and 32-bit versions.

JE Software
800-431-1348, 914-699-6710

Do you prefer to ease your way up to Windows 95 and keep Win3.x around as a safety net? SmartBoot 95 lets you choose between Win95 and 3.x each time you reboot. The program reinstalls Windows 3.x (or DOS) without disturbing Windows 95, so you retain all your Win3.x program groups and files.

Smart Systems
800-488-1389, 219-322-2236

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