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12/96 New Products: Web Mastering

Active Imaging Mv-NET

I Want My Mv-NET

Produce a virtual MTV on your Web page with the Active Imaging Mv-NET Internet video camera.

This Web-specific video system combines a video sensor, programmable CPUs and communications modules. It has a built-in video Web server. The sensor generates digital color images, which the processors convert into Web-compatible GIF or JPEG files.

The camera generates analog/NTSC or PAL video, and you can also add up to five additional cameras to the board.

Each camera has its own IP address and can either act as a standalone Web server or connect to an existing one. It's possible to program the cameras and control them over the Internet. You make them pan and tilt, and operate their motorized zoom lenses. The auto-iris lens automatically adjusts to changing light conditions. Use flash memory to combine previously stored images with the live video.

The system includes an integrated 28.8Kbps modem. The camera has a 486 Intel processor, 4MB of RAM, and 512KB of Flash RAM. Additional Flash memory and an internal hard disk are optional.

Basic camera, $3,995
Active Imaging
800-898-1500, 702-832-0792


It's a Real Scream

Make your QuickTime movies fly over the Internet. With the MovieScreamer Navigator Gold plug-in, you can convert your movies into "Fast Start" QuickTime clips that stream, or play in real time, over the Web. Simply drag a file from the Windows desktop to the Navigator Gold editor, and MovieScream automatically converts the movie into a Fast Start streaming format. Standalone versions as well as server and site licenses are available.

619-231-2600 x16, fax 619-231-2773


Clean Your Site's Cyberstreets

Webmasters can manage their sites with SiteSweeper, a program that crawls across multiple servers, regardless of their operating systems. SiteSweeper detects broken internal and external links, identifies incorrect image references, and gathers file data such as type, size and date of last modification.

It also generates a number of reports-either on demand or at scheduled intervals-about your Web site, letting you analyze the integrity of individual pages or groups of pages on a regular basis. You can set SiteSweeper to link each report to your home page.

SiteSweeper includes an authentication feature that lets Webmasters check password-protected sites. A site administrator can analyze the integrity of protected pages without compromising the pages' security.

800-722-0607, 919-416-3113

A self-contained CGI script for Windows NT 3.51 and later, webForm supports user-definable variables to custom generate an e-mail message containing the contents of a form. You simply add the mail to, from, subject, server and destination URL to your documents. A SQL edition will also send data to a database in addition to the specified e-mail address.

Per server license, $49.95; webForm SQL for NT Workstation, $99.95 ($149.95 for NT Server)
800-424-6644, 508-777-8970

Keep your company's trademarks and brand names safe on the Internet with MarkWatch. The monitoring service filters through the Internet, searching for instances of stolen or improperly used trademarks. MarkWatch includes a reporting feature that shows only new or changed references or contextual instances; reports are available electronically via the Web or in hard copy. It searches the Web, Usenet groups, domain name databases and online news services.

Annual monitoring fee, $895 per mark
800-890-5791, 513-226-7700

Create a Java-enabled Internet shopping solution in a minimal amount of time with Intershop Online. The package includes a Sybase SQL database server to link existing databases with Intershop. It can also track stock balances and requests, send product orders and produce customer invoices. Intershop features a statistical analysis package and incorporates CyberCash's secure Internet payment services.

NT version, $4,999
NetConsult Communications
800-736-5197, 415-373-1530

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