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12/96 New Products: Digital Photography

Kodak DC25 Digital Camera

Don't Wait to See What Develops

Looking for instant gratification? Take a picture with the Kodak DC25 Digital Camera and see it immediately through a color LCD installed on the camera. The DC25 comes with a built-in slot for CompactFlash storage cards that store and transport images to your computer.

The point-and-shoot camera also includes a built-in automatic flash, optical viewfinder, software and 2MB of internal nonremovable memory for storing images. With 2MB of permanent memory, you can store 14 or 29 pictures (depending on the resolution) in 24-bit color. For extra memory, Kodak will sell 2MB CompactFlash cards made by SanDisk under the name of Kodak Picture Cards. The PCMCIA-compatible cards can be reused. They use the camera's battery only when reading and writing images, but require no power to store images. You can also use the Picture Cards to store edited pictures. The camera measures 2.8 by 5.1 by 1.6 inches and weighs 9.5 ounces with batteries.

Eastman Kodak Co.
800-CD-KODAK, 716-726-7260

Olympus D-300L

Just Keep Clicking Away

The Olympus D-300L has a great memory for faces, places or anything else you want to take pictures of. The digital camera's built-in 6MB of memory stores either 30 high-resolution or 120 standard-resolution images in 24-bit color.

Featuring an LCD for quick preview and review of photos, the point-and-shoot camera provides an optical viewfinder, automatic flash with four modes and autofocus. A Macro Mode lets you take pictures as close as 7.9 inches from your subject. The lower-end Olympus D-200L has 2MB of memory to store 20 high-resolution or 80 standard-resolution images. Both cameras measure 2.8 by 5.7 by 1.8 inches and weigh 11.9 ounces without batteries.

The D-300L and D-200L connect to your PC through a high-speed serial interface cable. They ship with Adobe Photo-Deluxe.

D-300L, $899;D-200L, $599
Olympus America
888-55-DIGITAL, 516-844-5000

PhotoStarter Kit

From Attic To PC

You don't have to be a digital camera buff to work with photos on your PC. The PC PhotoStarter Kit helps you place, edit and manage old-fashioned paper photographs scanned into your computer, as well as digital images. The program lets you turn photos into presentations, slide shows, personalized cards, photo albums, greeting cards and calendars. You can apply special effects such as Oil Paint, Emboss, Mosaic, Cartoon and Coloring Book. The kit also includes a roll of film and a coupon for free digital processing.

MGI Software Corp.
888-MGI-SOFT, 905-764-7000

Web Navigation

If you think surfing the Web is more like walking in traffic, you'll appreciate a Web agent that really gets things moving. Trudger downloads Web pages, graphics, text and links for offline browsing. You configure it to control the type of content and number of links to check, Web sites to avoid, types of files never to download, maximum time to spend downloading and maximum hard disk space to use for downloads. Trudger displays downloaded pages with or without a Web browser.

Personal edition, $59.99; Corporations, $149.99 per license
972-491-6907, fax 972-491-6909

You don't have to know anything about CD mastering, or even Web mastering, to store Web content to a CD for archival and offline browsing. WebGrabber integrates Elektroson's Gear CD-R software with Netscape Navigator to facilitate the storage of Web content on a CD. WebGrabber installs on Navigator and downloads audio, graphics and text files from the Internet. Navigator 3.0 is bundled with WebGrabber, and all downloading and recording functions are controlled within Navigator's Command menu. It supports major CD-R devices.

888-IGRABIT, 408-371-4800

Add VRML models of your friends, pets or home to your Web page with PhotoModeler LX 3.0. This light version of PhotoModeler Pro creates 3-D images and textures from real-world objects. After you scan up to six photos onto your computer, PhotoModeler LX will process the coordinates you've entered to create a 3-D image.

Eos Systems
604-732-6658, fax 604-732-6642

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