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12/96 New Products: Monitors

Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 91TXM

Set Your Sights on This Monitor

The Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 91TXM hits the monitor market with electron guns blazing. The 21-inch addition to the Diamondtron aperture-grille monitor line uses a P-NX DBF (dynamic beam forming) electron gun to reduce beam spot size and the spread between a spot's horizontal and vertical axes. The result is a sharper picture, especially in the screen's corners.

Mitsubishi claims the DBF gun is at least an inch shorter than any other electron gun, making for a compact 21-inch monitor with a 19.7-inch viewable area.The CRT has a 0.28mm aperture-grille pitch and supports a maximum resolution of 1600x1200 pixels at a 76Hz refresh rate, and a 30kHz to 95kHz horizontal scanning range.

The monitor's new tubular steel pipeframe holds the tension mask in place to improve the beam landing. Geared toward graphics professionals, this monitor is DDC-compliant for Plug and Play, and meets major emissions and power management standards.

Mitsubishi Electronics America
800-843-2515, 714-220-2500

Smile CB6536SL and Smile CB6736SL

The Shape of Things to Come

Those phosphors on your monitor are about to take on a new shape. The 15-inch Smile CB6536SL and 17-inch Smile CB6736SL use NEC's new Cromaclear CRT technology to combine features from dot-trio and aperture-grille monitors into a slot mask, giving the phosphors an elliptical shape.

Each monitor's electron gun shoots beams through a slotted shadow mask screen to a striped phosphor screen. The resulting illuminated phosphors appear elliptical, not round as in shadow mask monitors or striped as in aperture-grille monitors. The monitor has a 0.25mm slot pitch display. According to Smile, the new technology improves color saturation, focus and contrast.

The CB6536SL has a 13.6-inch viewing area and the CB6736SL provides a 16-inch viewing area. Both produce 1280x1024-pixel resolution images at a 60Hz refresh rate and meet all major low radiation standards.

CB6536SL, $488; CB6736SL, $778
Smile International
800-U-SMILE-2, 714-546-0336

Panasonic PanaSync E21

When Size Counts

Put a big screen on your desktop without putting a big hole in your budget. The Panasonic PanaSync E21 21-inch monitor (with a 20-inch viewing area) costs less than $1,500. The E21 features a maximum resolution of 1600x1280 pixels, a maximum refresh rate of 160Hz and a 0.25mm dot pitch. On-screen displays let you control 17 functions. It incorporates Panasonic's DQ-DAF gun to reduce spot aberration and create perfect dot circles, even in the corners. The monitor is DDC-compliant for Plug and Play.

Panasonic Computer Peripheral Co.
800-742-8086, 201-348-7000

The Sampo AlphaScan 830 monitor is an upgraded version of Sampo's GLX 20-inch monitor. The AlphaScan 830 has a 19-inch viewing area, an Invar mask CRT and a maximum resolution of 1600x1200 pixels at a 68Hz refresh rate. It achieves an enhanced vertical refresh rate of 120Hz.
The monitor is Plug and Play.

Sampo Technology
770-449-6220, fax 770-447-1109

The ViewSonic G810 21-inch monitor joins the company's Graphics Series of displays. It features a 20-inch viewing area, 0.25mm dot pitch and maximum resolution of 1600x1200 pixels at a 71Hz refresh rate. The G810 includes OnView controls, supports Plug and Play, and meets MPRII and Energy Star power- consumption and emissions standards.

ViewSonic Corp.
800-888-8583, 909-869-7976

A 20-inch monitor, the Tatung CM20MVR provides an 18.6-inch viewing area, 0.28mm dot pitch and a maximum resolution of 1600x1200 at a 60Hz refresh rate. The Plug-and-Play, flat-square tube monitor is Energy Star- and VESA DPMS-compliant.

Tatung Company of America
800-829-2850, 310-637-2105

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