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12/96 Windows Online

Compiled by Dave Hafke, Tom Ponzo, Paul Silverman and Lori L. Bloomer

Here's How

Immutable Mailboxes

In these ever-more-mobile times, keeping track of changing addresses and phone numbers-even your own-can be a chore. And it's often impossible to hang on to your e-mail address, especially if it's company-issued. But you can make sure your e-mail locale doesn't change for a good long time, following you faithfully through all your travels.

Check out lifetime e-mail service providers, like Bigfoot for Life, NetAddress and (see "No Place Like Home" for the addresses). These providers give you e-mail access for a nominal fee, or in many cases, for free. They supply you with a permanent "mail drop" address, and then forward your mail from there to any other valid e-mail address. This way, you can be sure your messages will catch up with you, wherever you are.

Some services allow you to send mail to more than one account, which is handy if you are in transition between two mail accounts.Other providers include IdentityNet at, Valise e-mail service at, CyberStop at AkaMail at There are also many others to choose from.

If you want a custom, or "vanity," e-mail address, try the selections at VanityMail on the Web at, or surf over to the Address Company at For a monthly fee, you can get a distinctive e-mail address like

Windows Watch

Smooth Sailing with WinMag on AOL

You'll get around more quickly on WINDOWS Magazine's new and improved America Online site. Our revamped navigation provides more direct pipelines to our online news, features, reviews and other information.

All WinMag links on AOL used to point directly to our main screen. Now, we'll link directly to a story when we promote it, so you won't have to search the site. After you read the lead story, you can click on a button to link to WinMag's main screen. From there, you can browse areas like WinMag's Message Exchange, where you can post your comments about our articles, and WinMag's Search engine, to help you find other articles.

The Back Issues area is now live, offering you a comprehensive selection of WinMag articles from our archives. Check here to access past reviews, news and features from the WinMag staff.

New on the Net

No Place Like Home

These lifetime e-mail address providers let you set up a customizable address that will follow you no matter where you roam on the Internet. Bigfoot for Life is a bare-bones-but free and reliable-service. Simply register your primary e-mail account and designate a unique Bigfoot user name (for example, Any mail sent to the new address will be forwarded automatically to the e-mail account of your choice. NetAddress offers three levels of service and pricing. You get one forwarding address and one auto-delete function free. For $30 a year, you receive another forwarding function, folder storage, and support for Exchange, Eudora or Pegasus. And $36 a year gets you Web-browser compatibility. For $15 a year, will provide three e-mail aliases, plus automatic URL redirection. The first three months of service are free. If you decide to remain with pobox, you're automatically entered into the service's white pages directory. In addition to basic e-mail routing services, NetBox offers MailBot Autoresponders that send specified messages upon user request, ftp and Web site hosting and redirection, plus the ability to manage messages directly on NetBox's server.

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