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12/96 Cover Story: All Business

You may not be among the Fortune 500, but this business-minded office array will help steer your company into the fast lane.

System: Robotech Cobra XLP Pro 200
800-255-2215, 801-565-0645

This Cobra is enough to charm any company. For a small business, the high-performance XLP Pro 200 is like a computer center in a box. Its 200MHz Pentium Pro processor really revs with the system's 72-pin 32MB EDO RAM. Its fast 4.3GB SCSI Micropolis AV hard drive offers enough disk real estate for just about any application suite.

Great looks complement its great performance-a 17-inch Princeton Ultra monitor is coupled with Number Nine's excellent Imagine 128 series video card with 4MB of VRAM. But the awesome component checklist doesn't stop there-Robotech includes UltraWide SCSI, an 8X Plextor CD-ROM drive and a U.S. Robotics 33.6Kbps internal modem.

Communications: Hayes Office Communications Manager
Hayes Microcomputer Products
770-441-1617, fax 770-441-1213

This dependable Accura 28.8 speakerphone/modem, coupled with Internet Suite and Smartcom Message Center software, makes your small business look large.(Reviewed in September)

U.S. Robotics Sportster ISDN 128K
U.S. Robotics
800-DIALUSR, 847-676-7010

The Sportster ISDN 128K offers Plug-and-Play installation, great speed, an excellent price and is easy to configure-'nuff said.

Printer: Canon MultiPASS C2500
Canon Computer Systems
800-848-4123, 714-438-3000

This multifunction device offers a color BubbleJet printer, great software and a palatable price. It prints at 720x360 dots per inch, at speeds of 5ppm monochrome and 0.3ppm to 0.8ppm color. Its easy-to-read manual makes faxing a breeze, and you can set the MultiPass to print incoming faxes on receipt. (Reviewed in October)

Scanner/Keyboard: Visioneer PaperPort ix
800-787-7007, 415-812-6400

It takes less than 15 minutes to set up this combination keyboard/scanner. The Visioneer PaperPort ix combines reliability and unique functionality with a terrific software bundle that includes a version of Xerox's TextBridge OCR package. A variety of links let you seamlessly integrate the PaperPort's features with other applications. (Reviewed in September)

Upgrade Monitor: ArtMedia TN2185T
800-278-6334, 408-980-8988

The ArtMedia TN2185T's Sony Trinitron screen offers a near-perfect image and 1280x1024 resolution at 77Hz. (Reviewed in May)

Pointing Device: Logitech SurfMan Mouse
800-231-7717, 510-795-8500

Logitech's SurfMan Mouse combines Web browser-specific buttons with great looks and a sleeker-than-sleek feel.

Backup Device: Iomega Ditto 2GB
$199.95 external, $149.95 internal
Iomega Corp.
800-MY-STUFF, 801-778-1000

Archive everything on your hard drive (up to 2GB) with a single mouse click with the Iomega Ditto's intuitive and friendly backup program. (Reviewed in November)

UPS: APC Back-UPS Office
American Power Conversion
800-877-4080, 401-789-0204

This combination UPS and surge protector gives you plenty of time to save data, log off and power-down in the event of a power outage. It even has phone jacks to protect your telephone line. What's more, outlets are spaced to accommodate those big, ugly power transformers that come with many computer peripherals.(Reviewed in October)

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