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12/96 Cover Story: Ultimate Power

The centerpiece of this power user's dream
configuration is a system that packs a pair of Pentiums.

System: Micron Millennia Pro2 400 Plus
Micron Electronics
800-730-0931, 208-893-3434

If you think a 200MHz Pentium Pro is the ultimate in desktop power, think again. Micron's mightiest system packs a pair of Pro CPUs, and you just might spend as much time popping the hood to show off its dual processors as you do behind the wheel of this workstation. Not many apps take advantage of two processors, but when the software finally catches up, you'll be ready.

The system complements its brace of processors with RAM that maxes at 256MB. Its SCSI adapter ties in a 2GB disk drive, a 12X CD-ROM drive and an Iomega Jaz drive. And when it's time to turn aside the CAD app for a really rad app, the system's 3-D and MPEG capabilities will make games and other diversions come alive. (Reviewed in this issue)

Communication: 3ComImpact IQ ISDN modem
3Com Corp.
800-NET-3COM, 408-764-5000

If you can't install this external ISDN modem in 15 minutes, 3Com will give you your money back. The unit configures itself to the ISDN line, so all you have to do is enter the phone number.

Network: Kingston Technology EtheRx PCI 10/100 Fast Ethernet Adapter KNE100TX
Kingston Technology Co.
800-435-2620, 714-435-2600

This card gives you a choice of plain or Fast Ethernet, and comes with a custom configuration GUI.

Printer: Tektronix Phaser 350
800-835-6100, 503-682-7377

Solid-ink wax sticks get the credit for this printer's bright and clear laser-like color output. It's easy to install, and the cost per page is a paltry 5 cents, thanks in part to the free black ink sticks Tektronix supplies. Print speeds are a respectable 4ppm in standard and 6ppm in Fast Color mode. (Reviewed in November)

Scanner: Logitech PageScan Color
800-231-7717, 510-795-8500

You can feed pages individually into the parallel-port-connected Logitech PageScan Color, or remove it from its bed, place it on a document or book and let its tractor mechanism crawl across the page. As an added bonus to this versatility, it sets up in minutes.

Upgrade Monitor: Samsung SyncMaster 21 GLS
800-933-4110, 201-229-4000

Treat your eyes to a terrific picture. The 21-inch Samsung SyncMaster 21 GLS monitor ships with a Colorific color-management CD-ROM for easy calibration. (Reviewed in August)

CD Upgrade: Plextor 12PleX
800-886-3935, 408-980-1838

The latest CD-ROM drive from the company that makes the best drives, this SCSI speed demon transfers 1800KB per second and has an average random-access seek time of less than 110 milliseconds.

Keyboard: Microsoft Natural Keyboard
Microsoft Corp.
800-426-9400, 206-882-8080

The Microsoft Natural Keyboard is ergonomically and fiscally correct. (Reviewed in October 1994)

Backup Device: SyQuest SyJet 1.5GB
$499 external; $399 internal
SyQuest Technology
800-245-CART, 510-226-4000

In addition to its high storage capacity (1.5GB), the SyQuest SyJet boasts a maximum data-transfer rate of 7MB per second.

UPS: ViewSonic Opti-UPS 1000E
ViewSonic Corp.
800-843-6784, 909-869-7976

The ViewSonic Opti-UPS 1000E is unobtrusive, keeps systems running for a minimum of five minutes when power is disrupted and has six status-indicator lights. All this and a replaceable battery make the 1000E a smart choice.(Reviewed in August)

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