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By Fred Langa
Get a feel for ActiveX, Microsoft's latest-generation component technology.

The Explorer

By Mike Elgan
Microsoft seeks a foothold in the hand-held market.

Windows at Work

By Cheryl Currid
Your job doesn't have to be a pain in the neck ... or anywhere else.

Dialog Box

By Todd Rundgren
Forget CDs. Tomorrow's music will be delivered right to your PC.

How To

Optimizing Windows

By John Woram
Pick the System Policy Editor lock to get yourself out of a jam.


By Jim Boyce
For alternative Internet access, cruise CompuServe and Win95.

Power Windows

By Karen Kenworthy
Word and Excel can work in tandem to boost your productivity.

Programming Windows

By Martin Heller
CGI is on target for Web programming.

Cover Story

Breaking The Barrier: Dell Dimension XPS Pro200n

Desktop rockets are coming down to earth. At under $3,000, Dell's new Dimension XPS Pro200n offers top-of-the-line performance at an affordable-and unprecedentedprice.


Windows NT

NT Server 4.0 might give you sticker shock.

Enterprise Administrator

The new NT is slick, but don't call it version 4.0.

Server Suite Dreams

Though Microsoft's BackOffice is the frontrunner in server suites, both IBM and Netscape are strong contenders.

Product Pipeline

Check out the hottest new products in the pipeline.


Swift Sites

Slow-loading Web pages win no affection from users. If your site is about as speedy as a Congressional vote, follow these simple steps to build a more bandwidth-friendly presence on the Web.

Portables with Personality

Somewhere out there is a notebook made to order for the way you work. Here's how to meet your match.

The Search Is On

Tired of spending countless hours searching thousands of Web documents? Learn to master the most popular search engines, so you can cut right to the chase.

7 Utilities You Can't Live Without

Windows 95 may be the most complete PC operating system, but it still has some gaps. Fill them in with these seven heavenly utilities.

Step Into the Office of the Future

Microsoft's Office 97 suite is jam-packed with awesome apps, Web wizardry and spectacular surprises.

WINLAB Reviews

What's Hot

Two New Ways To Color Your World

New printers from QMS (QMS Magicolor WX)and Tektronix (Tektronix Phaser 350) make affordable business color a reality.

Armada Has a Fleet Of Features

A chameleon among notebooks, the Compaq Armada 4130T has enough personality to meet the needs of just about any situation.

Take the Manual Labor Out of Visual C++

Tired of all the hand coding VC requires? It's Blue Sky's Visual SQL 4.2 to the rescue.

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