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11/96 Reviews SW: HR Task Counselor 2.3

Putting Resourcefulness Into Human Resources

By Joel T. Patz

All companies are created equal when it comes to the requirements for tracking employment-related issues. Large organizations have human resources departments to deal with the ADA, the EEO, COBRA, the FLSA and the FMLA requirements. Add to this a company's internal personnel records, documents, handbooks, inventory assignments and travel reimbursement forms, and small-to medium-sized businesses may find the necessary record-keeping overwhelming.

HR Task Counselor 2.3, one of the most user-friendly applications I've seen, provides in-depth human resources management tools. From the main screen, called a Switchboard, a series of icon buttons (Application Counselor, Hiring Counselor and so forth) opens specialized sections, each with a subset of topics.

The Application Counselor organizes applicant and job data. You can create personnel requisitions, develop job descriptions, record EEO data, determine permissible and illegal interview questions, and summarize candidate interviews. You can also fill out reference checks, review scanned-in resumés and enter detailed candidate information. It's possible to use a skills-matching search engine to find candidates qualified for open positions.

Once an employee is hired, the Hiring Counselor provides a new-hire checklist to make sure the employee receives proper orientation. Inventory tracking allows you to follow the assignment of keys and company property. You can also record leave time, training classes taken and employment status changes.

Employee Counselor works with current employees and provides screens for performance reviews and progress reviews, and a performance log to track employee activities.

For employees leaving the company, Termination Counselor assists in the exit interview, reminds you of release agreements which must be signed and provides information about COBRA.

On a networked system, users can fill out job applications on screen and enroll in training classes. The program also stores a wealth of forms and management reports.

Navigation within HR Task Counselor is a breeze. The online help is limited to the Law Library and you'll need to rely on the printed documentation.

If you want to keep your company in compliance with employment regulations and have an efficient HR department, I highly recommend HR Task Counselor.

-- Info File --
HR Task Counselor 2.3
Up to 25 employees: standalone $499, network $899; 26 to 100 employees: standalone $899, network $1,399
Pros: Breadth of HR management functions
Cons: Online program documentation
Disk Space: 10MB minimum
Platforms: 3x, 95
JamLogic Designs
800-750-8113, 303-690-8113
WinMag Box Score 4.5

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