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November 1996 New Products TOC

11/96 New Products: Programming


Unify Vision 3.0 and Unify Vision/Web -- Visionary Java Generators

Generate complex, transactional Web applications that support multitier partitioning with replicated services using Unify Vision 3.0 and Unify Vision/Web. The products develop Java code without Java programming. Vision provides automatic load balancing and fault tolerance. Its new event-notification features support client-to-client and server-to-client messaging.

The products also provide automated native database access and visual object-oriented programming. Vision-generated applications run on all standard enterprise client/server platforms. Vision/Web software produces Java code that can be downloaded and run through Web browsers.

Vision/Web clients also use a CORBA (Common Object Request Broker Architecture) compliant IIOP (Internet-Inter ORB Protocol).

Vision 3.0, $7,200; Vision/Web, $17,000
Unify Corp.
800-248-6439, 408-467-4500

ForeVB -- Get Help Creating VB Help

Tired of creating context-sensitive help files for your Visual Basic application? ForeVB can assist in making help topics when you set up forms, or it can scan your entire project and produce an outline automatically.

When called from the pull-down menu within VB, ForeVB scans the active form and prompts you to create help for the screen and each field. The program includes an editor for completing topic text and adding graphics.

You can combine forms and controls from multiple projects into a single help file, and test the help file from within VB. ForeVB is also available as part of ForeHelp VB Pack, which includes an editor for adding advanced formatting and links among topics.

800-3507-8507, 303-499-9181

Sax Basic Engine Pro 3.0 -- Beyond VBA

The Sax Basic Engine Pro 3.0 extends the VBA macro language with full support for events, classes and multiple modules. You can fire an event (send e-mail, set default values or perform a specific task) when something happens to any object in your application. The engine includes syntax highlighting, an integrated editor, and a debugger that can call a stack, set a watch variable and single-step through code. The program also lets you create complex macros and customize dialogs to build unique versions of an app.

Sax Software Corp.
800-645-3729, 541-344-2235

Scope/VB lets project teams examine, share, reuse and manipulate project components-such as forms, code, objects and thumbnail views of forms-using an Explorer-like interface. You can search disks and networks, search globally across multiple projects to find components, display multiple projects locally, and copy or move elements between projects in one window.

Progress Software
800-352-2742, 617-280-3000

Develop true GUI-based applications using Borland's Delphi for the front end and COBOL processing on the back end with VanGui Interface Builder for Delphi. The software provides a pipeline that can pass messages as arrays between the GUI and RM/COBOL's runtime system. The program uses only six subroutine calls. Delphi manages the user interface and forwards requests via TCP/IP to the application logic tier.

Ryan McFarland, a div. of Liant Software
800-762-6265, 512-343-1010

Display your data hierarchically, in multiple columns with multiple text lines per item, with SftTree/OCX 2.0. The program has built-in row and column headers, user-resizable columns, grid lines, 3-D item display, sorting, in-place cell editing, and vertical scrolling during drag and drop. The 16- and 32-bit royalty-free controls let you assign colors, fonts and bitmaps to cells.

Softel vdm
201-366-9618, fax 201-366-3984

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