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11/96 New Products: Networking


LapLink 7.5 -- Coordinate Your Computers' Efforts

If you're going to be mobile and truly connected, you need precise synchronization between your desktop and portable PCs. LapLink 7.5 for Windows 95 helps transfer information between your laptop and desktop more quickly and efficiently, with less hands-on effort.

The upgraded LapLink uses Xchange Agent technology to synchronize one or more folders automatically. Its wizard setup, drag-and-drop editing and integrated preview features ease the synchronization process, and integrate with Microsoft's System Agent scheduling to let you schedule unattended file synchronizations.

Traveling Software says file-transfer speed is 30 percent faster than on the previous version, thanks to adaptive compression technology that adjusts to your connection speed. If you transfer over a slow modem connection, LapLink maximizes file compression for faster transmission. The new version also includes file-transfer recovery, which in case of a disconnection picks up where the connection breaks off. It also features persistent caching, which locally stores and then retrieves screen objects instead of retransmitting them during each remote session. Laplink can encrypt all data during remote control, remote node or remote file-transfer sessions.

$149; upgrade from version 7.0, $29.95
Traveling Software
800-343-8080, 206-483-8088

Hitachi HiSpeed 150 -- Send Data over Speedier Switches

Maybe it's time to bring your workgroup up to speed. The Hitachi HiSpeed 150 series of Fast Ethernet switching devices features a built-in PCI bus for a WAN or high-speed LAN uplink. There are four models, providing up to 32 Ethernet or 16 Fast Ethernet connections. The models deliver virtual LANs with IP/IPX routing, ATM LAN Emulation, a frame relay interface and integrated ISDN access.

Because of the number of links, the HiSpeed 150 switches can connect desktops to multiple servers or provide dedicated network links to run CAD, multimedia and other high-performance applications. The Fast Ethernet ports support automatic switching at 10Mbps or 100Mbps to facilitate migration to high-speed networks.

12 10BaseT and 4 (full-duplex) 100BaseT ports, $7,595; 24 10BaseT and 8 100BaseT, $13,570; 8 100BaseT, $7,795; 16 100BaseT, $12,785.
Hitachi Internetworking
800-HITACHI, 408-986-9770

Keeping track of who's doing what on your network can get tricky. Win What Where 96 watches your Windows apps, tracking and reporting on the use of Web sites, times, keystrokes and mouse actions. The program helps keep records for time and billing tracking, identifying misuse of company resources and counting the number of concurrent users for site licensing.

Single-user license, $99
WinWhatWhere Corp.
800-242-4775, 509-585-9293

The MGE Pulsar ES2 and MGE Pulsar ES4 UPS systems work to keep your PC and other equipment like printers and fax machines running in case of emergency. The Pulsar ES2 offers 250VA and the ES4 450VA power protection. MGE UPS Systems claims the ES2 model can support a Pentium-based PC for up to 20 minutes, and the ES4 can keep a PC and ink jet printer running for 10 minutes. Both models have an auto-sleep feature that kicks in if no power has been drawn for five minutes.

ES2, $129; ES4, $199
MGE UPS Systems
800-523-0142, 714-557-1636

Remote Desktop 32 takes a shortcut to let administrators remotely control Win95 and NT desktops. Remote Desktop 32 uses native operating system services to reproduce images without a long file transfer.

800-866-6585, 408-988-3832

PC Cards

FMI Cellular 28.8 Fax/Modem PC Card -- No Wires Required

You don't have to be wired to be connected. The FMI Cellular 28.8 Fax/Modem PC Card joins the FMI family of PC Cards, letting you transmit wirelessly or through analog phone lines. The PC Card also includes an optional SafeSend adapter, which allows you to connect to a digital phone line as well, so you're covered in any situation. The card supports Plug and Play, and you can insert and remove it without having to reboot when swapping cards. Its SafeJack adapter includes two RJ-11 jacks so you can have the fax modem and phone plugged in simultaneously.

$329; SafeSend adapter, $129
Fujitsu Microelectronics
800-642-7616, 408-922-9000

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