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11/96 New Products: Graphics


Fractal Design Detailer -- Color in a Third Dimension

Leap into a new dimension. Fractal Design Detailer bridges the chasm between 2-D and 3-D, allowing you to paint on the surface of 3-D models in real time.

You can import 3-D models produced with Fractal's Ray Dream Studio or Ray Dream Designer, or use any of Detailer's built-in 3-D primitives such as spheres, blocks and cones. Once imported, you can paint the models using Texture, Bump, Reflection, Glow and Highlight maps. The CD-ROM comes with more than 100 surface textures, over 100 seamless patterns, 120 photos and assorted 3-D models. You have a choice of 100 different brushes, including pencils, felt pens, crayons, liquid brushes, water color, smudging brushes and more. It has lighting controls and over 20 image-editing effects. Detailer runs on Windows 95 or NT and requires at least 30MB free space.

Fractal Design Corp.
800-297-COOL, 408-688-5300

Masterclips 101,000 and Master Photos -- Mega-Clips, Not Mega-Bucks

The bigger your selection of art, the less likely your creations will look like everybody else's. Masterclips 101,000 and Master Photos give you a potent arsenal of images and pictures to liven your work. You can use them for making signs, banners, greeting cards, Web pages, newsletters and more.

Masterclips comes with 101,000 images, 2,000 TrueType fonts, Web page icons and over 2,000 photos. It also contains 20 video and animation clips, along with 500 sound effects. Masterclips even has a browser for finding clip art on the CD-ROM. Master Photos consists of 3,500 JPEG photos, 15,000 8-bit color pictures, and 7,500 black-and-white historical photos.

Masterclips, $59.95; Master Photos, $29.95
800-833-4674, 415-257-3000

ImageGear 6.0 -- Become a Cropper

Show your images at their best. The ImageGear 6.0 imaging toolkit offers color control and lets you crop images, superimpose color transparent images and add special effects.

You can use 3-D images with ImageGear, which supports 45 raster-image formats. The program's interface includes a multipage viewer, automated display window and thumbnail browser. It has new image-processing functions. High-end Pro Gold versions are also available for Windows 95, 3.1x and NT.

From $795
AccuSoft Corp.
800-525-3577, 508-898-2770

HiJaak Pro 4.0 now supports common 3-D graphics and CAD formats, full PostScript, Windows 95 screen captures in one or more windows, and objects in high-resolution 24-bit color. The 32-bit graphics toolkit lets you trace raster images to any 3-D format and import them into any 3-D editor for custom enhancing.

Quarterdeck Corp.
800-354-3222, 310-309-3700

By Design 4.0 lets you take one of its design sets, slap in your company logo or personal signature, and save it as your own corporate business card, letterhead, newsletter, press release or other document. The program includes 20 design sets, each having up to 11 different documents. The documents in each set share the same look and style. A browser helps you quickly find the right design. Design 4.0 has built-in links to Microsoft Word and Corel WordPerfect 7.

Streetwise Software
800-743-6765, 310-829-7827

Even if you have no design experience, you can create your own cards and banners with Design Shop. Make greeting cards that range from birth announcements to party invitations, plus banners, posters, newsletters, calendars and more. Design Shop's preset calendar reminds you of important events. Edit your final designs with the 30,000 type/shape combinations, 6 million fill color pattern variations, 69 predesigned templates and 1,000 color clip-art images.

The WizardWorks Group
612-559-5140, fax 612-559-5126

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