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11/96 New Products: Business Software

Business Software

Empower: Field Sales 2.0 -- Add Power to Your Sales Skills

Having trouble selling that warehouse full of beach umbrellas to your Alaskan clients? Empower: Field Sales 2.0 is an account, contact, opportunity and sales-process management system designed to help companies with difficult-to-sell products and services.

The program helps you integrate product and service training, tactical marketing, client success criteria and more into a comprehensive enterprise sales process. Empower maintains complete account detail information, contact information and the associated sales opportunities for each account.

You can define and store information that meets your specific needs. For example, view detailed competitor information in a user-defined competitor library. The program integrates Microsoft Word to create business documents.

Empower System Corp.
888-511-1010, 303-321-8584

Any Time Deluxe -- Missed Meetings? No More!

You keep promising yourself you'll organize your contacts and meetings any day now. With AnyTime Deluxe, you can start today. The PIM brings a flexible set of time-management tools to the desktop. The program lets you create and send e-mails, organize personal and professional appointments and contact information, and track tasks and to-do items. It's also possible to print out a wide variety of calendars and other documents.

Updated and enhanced for Windows 95, AnyTime Deluxe contains an OLE-supporting notebook module for writing quick letters, keeping a journal, recording expenses and other routine duties.

Individual Software
800-822-3522, 510-734-6767

Magic Cap for Windows 95 -- Communicate Like Magic

You don't have to practice sleight of hand to effectively manage your communications. Magic Cap for Windows 95 integrates e-mail, fax, telephone and paging functions. You can send mail through America Online, CompuServe or any Internet Service Provider. Its contact- management functions include name cardfiles and a datebook. Magic Cap also lets you speed dial, log calls and bill calls to a credit card. The program supports voice stamps.

General Magic
888-239-4824, 408-774-4000

SuperCharts 4 helps you chart the stock market by providing company information, analysis tools and commentary from top market analysts. The program has Windows 95 menus, and includes more than 80 technical indicators, 15 drawing tools and a built-in system tester. ChartScan alerts you to buy/sell opportunities based on customized criteria.

Omega Research
800-556-2022, 305-270-1095

Grab all the late-breaking news stories on nearly 20,000 public and private companies by e-mail with Alert 2.0. The program draws relevant news stories from major newswires, matches them to client profiles and delivers them directly to e-mail addresses. Alert 2.0 can track information on up to 40 companies per profile with no limit to the number of stories sent each day.

$215 per seat; workgroup version, $250 per seat
800-766-4224, 617-273-6000

Globalink Power Translator 6.0 can translate your e-mail, Web pages and other documents to and from other languages. The 32-bit application provides bidirectional translation, so it will translate documents created in English to Spanish, French, German and Italian, or convert documents written in those languages into English.

800-255-5660, 703-273-5600

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