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11/96 New Products: Web Publishing

Web Publishing

Texture 1.0 -- Quick, Get Me Rewrite!

What can be better than a Web site that's interactive and attractive? Texture 1.0 combines a Web design tool and Java viewer to help you create graphical, interactive and easily updated pages-even if you have no HTML or programming experience.

Web pros and novices can use Texture Designer's drag-and-drop interface to place and layer text, images and graphics anywhere on a page. The program's exclusive NetFonts technology also lets you incorporate any Type I or TrueType font on your system into a Web page.

Once content is in place, you add interactivity among objects. It's possible to trigger a scrolling text box by clicking on a down arrow, add context-sensitive ads to specific pages, or set timers to periodically update your page with news and weather from other Net sites. You can set the updates without changing your page's design.

800-880-7613, 508-263-5480

OLiVR -- Web Movies with a Twist

If you feel like a multimedia orphan on the Web, you might want to consider OLiVR a friend. OLiVR, which stands for OnLine Interactive Virtual Reality, is a suite of tools that allows you to produce and view 3-D movies for the Web without any download wait.

The program uses fractal technology to display images of progressively higher resolution as a download continues. You can view and manipulate images as soon as they start loading. The suite consists of a server, a production toolkit and a free viewer.

You need the server to produce OLiVR movies. The production toolkit lets you create and stitch together 3-D images, and integrate audio and video clips into a movie.

Server, from $2,500; production toolkit, $495
OLiVR Corp.
617-861-6111, fax 617-863-6155

WEBtropolis Ordernet 2.0 -- Net Sales¤

Thinking of setting up shop on the Internet? WEBtropolis Ordernet 2.0 is an order-management system that lets you create virtual stores and easily adjust prices, display inventory images, provide presale information and securely accept payment over the Web.

Using the program's scripting tool, you can create a server-based communications framework that offers advanced transaction control.

Webmaster pack, $2,599; Professional pack, $5,995; Enterprise pack, $50,000 to $150,000
800-932-8840, 310-793-4546

Web Factory Pro Image for Windows 95 and NT lets you develop and edit sites without using HTML code. The WYSIWYG program includes browser preview windows that show you what your pages will look like in Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer. The program supports frames and tables, and includes image-editing and conversion capabilities, autotag validation and a built-in spell checker.

Thunder & Lightning
619-643-5550, fax 619-643-5553

Cut down the waiting time for Web animation with FutureSplash Animator. The vector-based drawing program streams animation sequences into the Web pages, so the animations play as they download. You can create static or animated cartoons, logos, advertising banners or other interactive Web page interfaces with the Animator. The creations are viewed with a free FutureSplash Player, available as a Netscape Navigator plug-in, ActiveX control or Java applet.

FutureWave Software
800-619-6193, 619-552-7680

MapObjects Internet Map Server is an extension to ESRI's MapObjects mapping and geographic information system (GIS) components and ActiveX objects. With the Map Server, developers can easily build applications for the Web and create dynamic maps and information for Internet clients. You can use standard HTML, Java applets or ActiveX controls to send requests and use the software in a variety of development frameworks.

Price not available at press time
ESRI (Environmental Systems Research Institute)
800-GIS-XPRT, 909-793-2853

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