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11/96 New Products: Web Navigation

Web Navigation

WebClip -- Always Keep an Eye on the Internet

Is the Web changing too fast for you? WebClip watches the Web and tracks site changes that interest you. PaperClip Software calls the product an "Internet Organizer," and it works with your browser. The Automatic Internet Monitoring feature finds site changes and downloads them for offline viewing.

Select the sites you want WebClip to monitor and set a schedule for it to activate. The WebClip agent dials up and connects to the Internet, and disconnects when it completes the session. It won't interrupt your browsing if you're on the Net when the agent activates.

WebClip stores Web pages in folders you create and organize, and uses different icons and colors to show the page status. For example, an icon tells you if the document is stored locally or remotely, and the color indicates if you've read the document. You can maintain multiple versions of a document, so you can access it after it's no longer available on the Internet.

PaperClip Software
888-4WEB-CLIP, 201-487-3503

RealAudio Player Plus -- Sounds Like Surf's Up

Surfing the Internet for sound can be as easy as playing your car radio. RealAudio Player Plus connects you through the Internet to hundreds of radio stations across the country and around the world. The program enhances the free RealAudio Player, which delivers news, music, sports and radio programs over the Internet.

You operate RealAudio Player Plus like your car radio. Preset your favorite sites on the six player buttons by using a pull-down menu, or scan RealAudio sites until you find one you want. You specify how long the sample clips play during the scan. The Selective Record feature lets you save a RealAudio clip for playback anytime. A PerfectPlay mode improves the sound quality of clips if you have a 14.4Kbps modem.

Progressive Networks
800-632-8920, 206-447-0567

WebCompass 2.0 -- Simplify Searches

If you're forever searching for a better search engine, help is at hand. WebCompass 2.0 gives you a single-point access to all of the Web's search engines. The update is a 32-bit app with an Explorer-style interface that lets you access newsgroups, FAQs and intranets as well as online search resources with a single search command. It organizes search results in folders, and a window on the bottom of your screen shows each site as you scroll down the list of returns.

Quarterdeck Corp.
800-282-0866, 310-309-3700

Sextant Pro 1.9 bookmarks and categorizes your favorite Web sites within Netscape Navigator. Simple commands, such as Alt+A, save and sort the URL on screen. You can save bookmarks within categories and set up hotkeys for 25 sites. Pressing the hotkey sends Navigator to that site. The program's SmartMerge lets you synchronize bookmarks between computers.

WS Designs

You don't need to see the Internet to experience it. pwWebSpeak 1.2 translates Web content into speech for the blind, visually impaired and dyslexic. The talking browser synchronizes audio and video presentations by interacting with Web presentations and HTML. pwWebSpeak 1.2 saves contents for offline viewing, offers support for speech engines, and acts as an integrated reader of textbook and reference materials.

Commercial version, $250; government and educational, $125
The Productivity Works
609-984-8044, fax 609-984-8048

NetAttach... Pro, a second-generation browser, identifies changes made to Web sites since your last visit. Using its data-filtering spider, NetAttach... Pro locates revisions and saves them to disk for offline viewing. The program marks changes with red exclamation points. Use it with your favorite search engines for simultaneous queries. You specify search times, search depth and file types you want downloaded.

Tympani Development
408-735-9555, fax 408-735-9550

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