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11/96 New Products


Princeton Graphic EO75 -- A Visual Valedictorian

Princeton Graphic Systems' newest monitor goes straight to the head of its class. The Princeton Graphic EO75 is a 17-inch high-end unit with a blazing 95kHz horizontal scan rate, resolutions up to 1600x1280 pixels at 75Hz and 200MHz video bandwidth, and a 0.26mm dot pitch.

The flagship of Princeton Graphic's line is a flat-square-tube CRT with a 15.8-inch viewing area, Invar shadow mask and an on-screen display control system by PreVu.

The on-screen controls govern horizontal/vertical position and size, recall, pincushion, rotation (tilt) and degaussing. Coloright Technology provides advanced color temperature control (red and blue gain) as well as advanced screen geometry controls.

The monitor is Plug-and-Play compatible; it meets the Energy Star and VESA Display Power Management requirements, as well as the MPRII environmental standards.

Princeton Graphic Systems
800-747-6249, 714-751-8405

EIZO FlexScan TX.D7S -- Sharpen Your Sights

The EIZO FlexScan TX.D7S can make you see double-in the best sense. With its maximum resolution of 1600x1200 pixels at 75Hz, the 20-inch noninterlaced monitor can display two full pages of text and graphics. Its Trinitron-class tube renders a 0.25mm grille pitch.

The 19-inch viewable area provides flicker-free images at its recommended resolution of 1280x1024 pixels at 88Hz; the screen is coated with an anti-reflective treatment. The FlexScan comes with the ScreenManager digital on-screen display control system, including a QuickSet touchpad button for one-touch control. ScreenManager Pro software lets you bring the on-screen controls to your mouse. A detachable speaker unit fits around the control panel console.

EIZO Nanao Technologies
800-800-5202, 310-431-5011

SuperScan Elite 802 -- Big Screen, Small Pitch

The NSA/Hitachi SuperScan Elite 802's 21-inch screen with tiny 0.22mm horizontal mask pitch produces the super-sharp images a graphics professional needs. The flat, square CRT with Invar shadow mask and anti-reflective coating has a 20-inch viewing area and a maximum resolution of 1600x1200 pixels at 80Hz. Its controls include power, RGB control color, white-balance selection, brightness, contrast, screen position and size, color temperature and moir... reduction. The monitor meets all emission and power-saving standards.


The Pacom CL15e and CL17 offer more to look at than their screens. The 15- and 17-inch Super VGA monitors have a 0.28mm dot pitch. The 15-inch has a 1024x768-pixel noninterlaced resolution, while the 17-inch has 1280x1024. On-screen display programming includes advanced controls such as color temperature and geometric adjustments.

CL15e, $349; CL17, $679
Pacom Data
800-BY-PACOM, 510-440-7200 x209

SCSI Adapters

The New Media Basics SCSI Adapter connects up to seven devices through one PCMCIA slot. The SCSI II Adapter PC Card gives your portable computer high-speed access to CD-ROM drives, SyQuest and Zip drives, scanners, printers and tape drives.

New Media Corp.
800-453-0550, 714-453-0100


With its XGA (1024x768-pixel resolution) format and super-high-aperture, 12.1-inch TFT LCD screen, the Sharp PC-9090 notebook is a treat for the eyes. The PC-9090 ships with a 150MHz Pentium, 1.8GB hard disk, 24MB of EDO RAM, 28.8Kbps fax modem, 8X CD-ROM, a 4MBps infrared port, MPEG I software and 16-bit stereo sound. The notebook weighs 7.3 pounds.

Sharp Electronics Corp.

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