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11/96 Windows Online

Compiled by David Hafke, Tom Ponzo, Paul Silverman and Lori L. Bloomer

Here's How AOL Pages Get Personal

AOL users who want more than a text-based home page should check out AOL's built-in app, Personal Publisher. This new version makes it much easier to create Web pages, even for those who haven't mastered HTML.

Click on Create a Page, and select one of three templates. After making your choice, you are prompted to enter text for the title bar and headline. You can align the headline to the left, right or center of the page.

The Next arrow brings you to Add Background. This feature lets you add a background color or pattern, as well as change the text color. AOL provides 12 preloaded background patterns. You can also select Add Image and use any of 34 graphics. Double-click on images and backgrounds to preview them.

The next step is adding personal information. The text will appear on the Web page in the color you chose earlier under Add Background.

The last step lets you add more text and establish links to your favorite places. A Favorite Places window appears inside this form, which lets you drag and drop any favorite place into the text field. You can also drag and add your AOL e-mail address.

Click on View for a preview of your page. The Publish button in the upper right-hand corner brings your new creation to the Web.

Windows Watch

Prime-Time Live

Keep up-to-date on Windows-related happenings with our weekly prime-time chats on America Online (Keyword: WinMag). On Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. ET, join WINDOWS MAGAZINE editors for lively chat sessions about the world of Windows. Bring all your Windows questions with you to the chat.

We've got even more chats coming-check out the updated schedule posted on our chat Web page (http://www.winmag./com/chats.htm).

We are also tweaking the WinMag areas on AOL and CompuServe (GO: WINMAG), so stay tuned for the improved services and features that will appear shortly. New features include improved navigation as well as more eye-catching graphics.

Also check out WinMag's latest addition to the AOL front screen-the Windows Glossary! What's an ACL? How about DDE? If you don't know, we've got the definition for you, categorized alphabetically. We'll also be adding new terms to the glossary on a monthly basis.


Get pricing and product descriptions, and download the software, from our online locations. Shareware programs are also available on this CD-ROM.


WINDOWS Magazine Online Locations

New on the Net

Talk It Up

It's time to speak up online, so we looked for the coolest sites and tools to get you talking on the Web.

WorldVillage Chat offers family-safe IRC and Web chat sites and software downloads. The IRC channel features regular games and activities, and the WorldVillage Palace features a free downloadable client as well as a number of different hot virtual worlds for you to join.

The WebChat Broadcasting System provides a great starting point if you're looking for a categorical index of chat sites. Topics include entertainment, travel, technology and sports.

Quarterdeck Corp.'s site lets you download its chat and conferencing software for a free test drive. Demo versions are available for GlobalChat and GlobalStage, Quarterdeck's chat client and server. You can also try out TalkShow conferencing software and WebTalk, which lets you establish audio connections to anyone on the Net.

Place a call to Tribal Voice's PowWow page for group-centric chat software. The program allows up to seven people to chat, exchange files and surf the Web as a group.

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