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By Fred Langa
Here's a lot more detail on the next version of Windows, plus info on how you can try it out yourself.

The Explorer

By Mike Elgan
Will your computer blow up in the year 2000? Or before?

Windows at Work

By Cheryl Currid
Learn how to breeze through Internet information-gathering tasks.

Dialog Box

By Newt Gingrich
Whose responsibility is it to "wire" our nation's students?

How To

Optimizing Windows

By John Woram
Worried about a snooper? Cover your tracks in Windows 95.


By Jim Boyce
Chart a course through your documents with a table of contents.

Power Windows

By Karen Kenworthy
Want to fine-tune your hardware or software? Brush up on statistics.

Programming Windows

By Martin Heller
Reducing delays at WinMag's Web site is a learning experience.

Cover Story

10/96 Cover Story: HOT STUFF!

For the best deal on the hottest hardware, you should know when to buy as well as what to buy. See what's happening in the major hardware categories to make sure you get the most for your money.


Center of the Universe

Just what you've been waiting for--the NT multi-user network, with virtual machines and UNIX-style capabilities--has arrived.

Enterprise Administrator

Exchange Server doesn't have to be a nightmare.

Windows NT

Don't take a RISC; stick with NT on Intel.

Product Pipeline

Check out the hottest new products in the pipeline.


This Changes Everything

Get ready for a revolution. Internet Explorer 4.0 will usher in a whole new way of working. Check out our exclusive sneak preview.

It Happens!

Windows 95's Backup utility has its shortcomings. Find out how to overcome them. And if you're still not satisfied, check out some superior alternatives.

Explore Your Options

Download a few desktop utilities and Win95 could become your dream OS.

Form-id able Function

Building a Web data-entry form doesn't require CGI-just a third-party app with programming savvy.

WINLAB Reviews

What's Hot

A Whole New Outlook

The ultimate in "killer apps" is here. Microsoft Outlook, part of Office97, packs PIM, e-mail, scheduling, contact management and groupware into one awesome program.

Pentium 150s Go Portable ...

... but do they really offer speed advantages over today's 133MHz notebook computers? We look at two new offerings from Micron and Nimantics to find out.

Hot Box In A Cool Package

Compaq's new Presario 3020 packs hot new technologies--LCD display, USB and a 33.6Kbps modem--into a stylish package that no fashion-conscious power-monger should be without.

Recommended List

Check out our complete list of recommended products, including the top systems, notebooks, hardware and software.

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